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One old school piece of advice that is very useful is "everything in moderation."

For example, if all you ate were donuts, you'd be in bad shape.

Or peanut butter, or boiled chicken breasts, etc.

For food, humans are omnivores.

That's why they'll never be a shortage of weird diets.

The pickle diet.

The blueberry pancake diet.

The peanut butter ice cream diet.

In fact, our ability to eat pretty much anything is a result of the ancient sexual division of labor.

Monkeys can only eat bananas.

Both the dudes and the ladies.

A dad bird who goes out looking for worms for mom and the kids will look for the SAME WORMS that mom looks for.

But for some reason, humans escaped this limitation.

Men would hunt, and look for meat and fat.

Women would gather, or forage, and look for roots and whatever else they could find.

This allowed humans to live in TWICE as many areas.

This allowed us to be nomads.

To go pretty much anywhere, and adapt to our environment.

And every time we'd go somewhere new, we'd have the SAME problem.

How can we get food here?

This problem solving skill, of how to get food, how to stay warm, how to avoid getting eaten, is what drove humans to become the apex predator.

Today, of course, everything is EASY.

Well, not really.

The things we WANT are hard, just like it's always been.

But compared to before, getting food, getting laid (if you are willing to lower your standards) and not getting eaten are EASY.

But that presents a problem.

Our entire brains and thinking time USED to be used to solve those basic survival problems.

Now our survival problems (food, sex and safety) don't really require ANY thinking.

Here's a horrible thought to remember next time you see a group of people, live or on video.

Take a look at all their bodies.

The tonality of their muscles.

The amount of body fat.

Just for experimental purposes, imagine a few tigers were let loose in whatever crowd you were looking at.

What would happen?

For the humans, it would be a nightmare.

The ones who didn't die would have PTSD for the rest of their lives.

For the tigers, it would be a FANTASTIC all you can eat buffet.

But once upon a time, animals like tigers were TERRIFIED of humans.

Once upon a time there were HUGE animals, that don't exist any more.

What happened?

We humans ATE them.

So, when you look at all the soft bodies out there slowly lumbering around, consider that our modern BRAINS are just as soft.

Most of us couldn't think our way of out a problem any more than we could escape from a tiger in the food court.

Humans were EVOLVED to solve problems.

Over and over and over.

Re-awaken this instinctive, ancient, powerful trait, and DOMINATE.

Learn How:


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