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Heroes or Roaches?


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There's an interesting movie called, "Chef."

It's got tons of big name actors.

The main character is played by a guy known more for producing all the Marvel superhero movies.

In the movie, the main character was a chef.

But he wanted to create really high quality food.

His boss wanted him to create commercially viable, high quality food.

Right off the bat this sounds like a metaphor for the dudes own life.

Maybe he always wanted to produce deep emotional classics, but he found himself producing shallow but highly profitable superhero movies.

Anyhow, he has a disagreement with his boss (Dustin Hoffman), and quits.

Then his buddy shows up, and says he's got an idea.

Why don't we buy a "taco truck?"

Another name for these things is a "roach coach."

Anyhow, the rest of the movie was an enjoyable "feel good" movie about this chef, his son, and his buddy.

On a road trip across America, selling food to folks out of his "taco truck."

His kid would tweet where they would be next, and a crowd of raving fans would be waiting.

It was a good movie.

I enjoyed watching it.

But something was a bit "off" about it.

So I read a bunch of other opinions to see if online folks agreed.

And I found that yes, most people enjoyed it, but it was missing something.

Finally I figured it out.

There was very little conflict.

As soon as a problem popped up, a solution just kind of showed up.

So it was enjoyable to watch, but not MOVING.

What, exactly, does that description mean?

What does it mean when a book, or a movie, a comic book, a song or a story related to us by a friend, "moves" us?

What, exactly is moving?

Our emotions.

And just from happy to a different kind of happy to yet another different kind of happy.

That's kind of what the roach coach movie was about it.

We need ALL the emotions.

And in a believable way.

We need to feel fear, worry, anxiety, deep emotional loss, sadness, anger, and hopefully, triumph of some kind at the end.

A study was done by a kajillion different fictional novels.

By some kind of super computer.

The plots were similar on one VERY profound way.

Every time something good happened, something bad happened.

The characters solved or otherwise got over the bad thing, and experienced a good thing.

Just like in music.

Resonance - dissonance - resonance.

Chord - discord - chord.

The most common story structure is the hero's journey.

The entire story leads up to a MASSIVE show down.

Good buy vs. bad guy.

Not always people.

Often situations, inner struggles, but the structure is the same.

A long build up, a final battle and a victorious hero.

Why do we like this kind of structure?

It resonates with our ideal life.

We all struggle.

We all face obstacles.

Every single day.

There's two responses to this.

The roach coach response, where we pretend there ARE no obstacles.

Or the heroic response.

Where we embrace the obstacles.

Do battle with them.

And conquer them.

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