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There are a lot of sales jobs that have the same basic structure.

Low entry requirements.

Very little training.

If you can manage to sell, you can make a lot of money.

Most do not.

This is the Pareto Principle in action.

Or the 80-20 rule.

20% of folks do most (80%) of the work.

Work, of course, being relative.

20% of any books for any given publisher will get most of the sales.

20% of dudes will bang most of the ladies.

20% of the salespeople at any sales company will make most of the sales.

Now, many people complain about this.

They say sales companies should spend a lot of time and money training their employees.

After all, they would make the money back, right?

Not so fast.

Think about the legacy publishing companies.

Those old school, hundred year old businesses that served as the holy gatekeepers of fiction BEFORE self publishing became a thing.

They had agents, editors, and people who read books just to pass them on to the next level.

You'd think with all that experience, all those educated gatekeepers and screeners on their staff, they'd be able to sniff out the winners from the losers, right?


No matter WHAT any organization does, they cannot beat Pareto.

The 80-20 rule DOES NOT CARE how you choose.

Within ALL the books those well educated literary super geniuses let pass their filters, the 80-20 rule still held true.

The top selling books tended to SUBSIDIZE the crappy selling books.

Those books that agents, editors, and gatekeepers read and thought to themselves, "Yeah, this will be a best seller!" DID NOT SELL.

And guess what?

Pareto is a smooth function.

Within the top 20%, it still is in effect.

That means with the top twenty percent of the top twenty percent does most of the work IN THAT top twenty percent.

Which means that 4% (20% of 20%) does 64% (80% of 80%) of the sales.

This is why there will ALWAYS be these types of distributions.

Turns out those sleazy sales companies that hire anybody with a pulse aren't so stupid.

They save a TON of money.

Even if they did spend a ton of money on training they'd STILL be trapped in Pareto.

And guess who else is a big fan of the Pareto Principle?

A huge fan of the 80-20 rule?

Mother Nature, that's who.

Natural selection.

Here you are, a living creature, with a thinking, rational brain.

A ton of natural instincts.

Just showing up and waiting for an opportunity won't work.

Sitting around waiting for somebody else to make life fair won't work.

What will work?

Getting in the game.

And getting some.

Before somebody else does.

Get Started:


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