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These suggestions that I am putting are because I would like to have a more positive impact in the World.

To really make the difference in one person life


P.S.: I am not a native speaker, if I have writted some wrong word please help me with that.



I can help anyone
I make people rich
Imake people better
I really help people
I make the difference in people's life
I make people happy
I make people smart
I make people make better choices
I teach people how to win
I really touch people deeply
I make people earn money
I make my neighboorhood a better place
I make my city a better place
I make the world a better place
I lead people to sucess and victory
People know that I can help them
I am a real hero
I save people
Everyone that works with me gets rich with me
I end poverty
I free people from mental slavery
I free people from slavery
I keep learning from people
Its easy for me to help the world
I make people life better
I lead my people to a better life
I know what to say to my people
When I see someone I know how to help him or her
I bring justice to the world
I bring love to the world
I bring abbundancy to the world
I bring love and union to the world
I have a creative mind that can solve anything
I have a creative mind that creates wonderfulls to the world
I agregrate vallue to everyone I speak
I have the winsdow to help people
I have the winsdow to save humanity
I have the intelligence to guide people
I know how to touch any people
I know how to talk to any people
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