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Humans are incredible complex creatures.

About two million years ago, we discovered fire.

And this changed everything.

Before fire, we had to hunt like every other animal.

Find something to eat, and chase it until we caught it.

One theory is that this strategy is why we developed sweaty, hairless bodies and arched feet.

Arched feet so we could run long distances without messing up our knees and hips.

Sweaty, hairless bodies so we could bleed off body heat.

The only way animals can get rid of body heat is to stop and pant.

(Or maybe jump into a river)

But since we can sweat, we run really slowly, for a LONG TIME.

Animals can sprint, but not very far.

They'll have to stop and pant, to get rid of body heat.

This gave us an advantage over animals, but it was only a PHYSICAL advantage.

Running after a deer for a couple hours until you finally caught it didn't require any brainpower.

Fire changed all that.

For one, fire was the first time we could purposely use, and direct, energy OUTSIDE of our body.

And this helped us to hunt.

The pre-historical quarterback would call the plays.

Send a bunch of guys to the far end of the forest.

Send your best spear throwers on the other end of the forest.

The first guys would light the forest on fire.

The animals would run away from the fire.

Toward the waiting spear throwers.

This happened about two million years ago.

That's also when our brains started growing really fast.

Before, it was essentially a running contest.

The longest, most endurance, runners survived.

But with fire, came strategizing.

Testing the wind, guessing what kinds of animals were in the forest, AND being able to communicate what WOULD happen.

It's one thing to talk about what we can SEE.

"See that animal over there? Run after it, catch it, kill it, bring it back."

It takes WAY more brain power to talk about what MIGHT happen.

To think about all the things that might go wrong.

And to communicate possible ways to OVERCOME those things that might go wrong.

Whoever could do this the BEST, was the leader or the tribe.

And the leader of the tribe would get the most sex, and have the most kids.

This went on for two million years.

And because of this ABSTRACT THINKING contest, this STRATEGIZING CONTEST, our brains tripled in size.

And this strategy is STILL with us today.

Look out into the world.

Figure out what you want.

Think of all the ways to get it.

Think of all the possible obstacles that might pop up.

Choose the best ones, and GET IT.

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