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Your brain is an incredible machine.

Many people believe that self aware, AI is just around the corner.

Consider that this is not likely.

Sure, if you tell a good story about your AI company, you'll get a lot of attention.

A lot of venture capital funding.

From rich guys hoping to put their brains inside a computer before they die.

But consider that just the process of reverse engineering our brain is next to impossible.

Here's an example to illustrate why.

Imagine you had a sales page.

You sold shoes.

And your sales page had a 2% conversion rate.

Meaning every hundred visitors got you two sales.

OK, but you wanted to do better.

So you did a split test.

You copied that original sales page (called the "A" page) and made on tiny change.

This is the "B" page.

And you sent half the traffic to the A page, and half to the B page.

The B page with the one tiny change, but otherwise identical to the A page.

The first money question:

Before the split test, do you KNOW which page would do better?


So you run the test, to see which page wins, A or B.

Suppose B wins.

A has a conversion rate of 2%.

B has a conversion rate of 2.5%.

So you do it again.

B is now the new A.

So you make another, new B, with one tiny change.

Again, do you know which will win?


And suppose you did this for THREE YEARS.

And each test ran for one week.

And every other test, the B page was better than the A page.

That meant every two weeks, you'd get a slight improvement.

And let's imagine that after 3 years you had a 20% conversation.

Now for the BIG money question.

Suppose some goof came along and wanted to reverse engineer your page that was converting at 20%.

Would they be able to?

No way.



Because every single time you did a split test, before the test, you had ZERO IDEA which would win.

Which meant every time you had a winner, (A vs. B) you would have zero idea WHY that page won.

So, the question, of how is that new page, after three years of split testing, converting so highly?

The honest answer is you would have ZERO IDEA.

So it would be IMPOSSIBLE for somebody to reverse engineer that winning sales page and apply it to another market.

That's what AI goofs are trying to do when they reverse engineer our brains and turn them into a computer.

Our brains are the result of MILLIONS of years of "split tests."

Organically done by Mother Nature herself.

This is why AI is very, very, unlikely.

But what is likely is much, much better.

Not to copy your brain.

But to re-calibrate it.

So it works MUCH BETTER in our modern environment.

This is just ONE of the many, many benefits of your genius brain.

Learn More:


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