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Do You Fold When Tested?


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One of the presuppositions of NLP is that having more flexibility is better than having less flexibility.

This generally refers to problem solving.

Getting stuck is common.

Getting frustrated when you are stuck is also common.

But with enough flexibility of thinking, getting stuck won't ever last long.

The opposite of flexible thinking is the "tell me what to do" attitude.

This IS a very compelling idea.

To have a problem, and have somebody tell you what to do.

This is essentially a human instinct.

A combination of social proof and authority.

A common response most everybody has when facing a problem is to look around for an authority figure to tell you what to do.

Consider that stronger this instinct is, the less likely you'll BE the authority figure.

One side of this spectrum is pure, "tell me what to do" energy.

Pure helplessness.

Zero flexibility of thinking.

On the other side is "let me figure this out" energy.

Maximum flexibility of thinking.

Zero helplessness.

Both are very useful.

If you are building a team to conquer as specific task, then you would much rather have a bunch of intelligent order followers.

The last thing you want is a bunch of people always trying to figure out different ways to do things.

They even made a TV show like this.

They purposely chose a few very high alpha type males.

Then they gave them a collective task of rebuilding an engine.

EVERYBODY wanted to be in charge.

This kind of thing rarely happens organically.

Most of the time, most people will ALWAYS look around for somebody to tell them what to do.

Most people don't like to think.

Thinking is hard work.

Most people don't like to take on more responsibility.

Responsibility creates a lot of stress.

So when a problem comes up, most of us will EAGERLY look for somebody to tell us what to do.

No brain energy required.

No anxiety and responsibility required.

This is fine most of the time.

When you ONLY want to get over the problem as quickly as possible.

When is it NOT a good idea?

When you are trying to make a good impression on somebody.

This is why job interviews PURPOSELY ask really weird questions.

They aren't really interested in the answer.

They are interested to see how you handle the unexpected.

Do you freak out?

Or do you work out the issue?

This is also a why women INSTINCTIVELY test males.

To see how they handle unexpected statements.

Having a strong sense of flexibility will help you in both cases.

Of seeing something unexpected pop up, and EASILY dealing with it.

The more flexibility of thinking you develop, the MORE you'll stand out in more situations.

Learn How:


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