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Which Crayon Are You?


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Curiosity is a very powerful persuasive tool.

Some sales pages for the most goofy sounding ideas work because they create curiosity.

Some cheap plastic gizmo that promises to give you X-ray vision, or help you travel back and forth through time will sell.

Not because people will actually think it will work.

But if they make it sound compelling enough, if the sales page is interesting enough, and it's cheap enough, people will buy it just to see what the deal is.

This is a long standing and proven marketing strategy.

They even did a study of this on crayons.

Both crayons were for sale, side by side.

Same exact color, chemical components, etc.

One was called "Tangerine Orange."

This evoked ZERO curiosity.

Tangerines are orange.

This crayon is orange.

I get it.

This creates very little buying interest.

But the other crayon was called "millennium orange."

(This was back around 2000).

When people saw THIS crayon, it "hooked" their brain a little bit more.

People saw the tangerine orange and that didn't require ANY thinking to comprehend.

But the other one, people HAD to stop and stare at and wonder why the heck it was called millennium orange.

Just spending this extra brain time triggered an instinctive response.

One that says:

"I can't figure this out. This is really interesting!"

The same response to X-Ray glasses and mental time machines.

If you've even given away too much too soon in a relationship, you've KILLED this effect.

Being too available, revealing too much.

Everybody likes a little bit of MYSTERY.

We like to WONDER about things.

We like to THINK about things.

We have a kind of "meta curiosity" interest in things we don't understand.

We apply this "meta curiosity" in many ways that keeps our brains interested.

Movies with twist endings, jokes with unexpected punch lines, even straight up puzzles.

We LOVE to wonder about stuff.

We LOVE things that seem to be more confusing that we first thought.

More complex than we first thought.

When you reveal too much, too soon, this creates the OPPOSITE effect.

Like a movie that is boring that is predictable.

Nobody likes those kinds of movies.

Nobody likes those kinds of people.

At least not when thinking about initial attraction and having fun.

Sure, there is a time to be predictable and boring.

Taking care of business, doing your job.

But when having fun, meeting people, creating relationships, BE MYSTERIOUS.

Be complex.

Don't be boring.

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