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They say that our memories can't distinguish between a false memory and real memory.

There is plenty of data to support this.

For example, most of our memories are false anyhow.

But these false memories drive our behaviors, as if they are real.

This usually involves how we give intentions to actors in our mind.

We remember the behavior, the things others did or said.

But we tend to imagine the worst case intentions behind those words or actions.

But this false memory idea also works when you purposely create false memories.

A famous study was done on basketball players.

They separated them into three groups.

One practiced normally.

One didn't practice.

One practiced, but only mentally.

For the same duration as the real practice people, this third group only imagined practicing.

But the real practice group and the imaginary practice group improved about the same.

As you'd expect, the non practice group didn't.

But there is a very clever way to leverage this "fake" memory idea.

People judge other people quickly and subconsciously.

Most of this has to do with the strength of our frame.

This has to do with our level of confidence in any particular situation.

On a very deep, very subconscious, and very ancient level, we are very attracted to folks who have a strong belief that they can handle themselves.

We feel the opposite of attraction around strangers who exhibit the opposite.

Of not having any clue what to do.

This is essentially the difference between having a strong frame and a weak frame.

But most of us are not really either extreme.

Not super charismatic cult leaders.

But not helpless wallflowers hiding in the corner.

So people need to interact with us to get more data.

To see if they are attracted to us, or not.

Beyond first impressions, how we handle ourselves conversationally is the next level of determination.

This is where "fake memories" can come in helpful.

If you have a lot of real memories, of interacting with real people, in a lot of real situations, that will come across how you speak.

From a purely organic standpoint, people have creativity based on how much they've passively soaked up from others.

If you've been stuck inside a room your whole life, only watching reruns of "Leave it to Beaver," your language will reflect that.

But if you have a lot of interpersonal experience, your language will reflect that.

Normally this is all done organically.

You develop creativity organically.

You "sense" for creativity in others organically.

But you can build creativity consciously, deliberately, and consistently.

Which will add to your natural attraction and frame strength.

And the cool thing about creativity is it increases exponentially.

Giving you a huge advantage.

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