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Evolution of my Frame


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For one year straight I basically just tested the waters. After that I tried cultivating a Paradigm but failed miserably.

I then started using what I refer to as Model A inspired by George Hutton

Model A
° Super Learning "super smart"
• Money Love "super lucky"
. Street Hypnosis "super stars"

Model A then led me to Paradigm Elite vs Paradigm Noble.

Paradigm Elite
° NLP Mind Magic 4VG (Sessions)
• Sales Genius 4VT
. Marketing Genius 256VT

Paradigm Noble
° Ego Taming 4VG (Sessions)
• Persuasive Writing 4VT
. Rich Famous Blogger 256VT

Would you ratha?

Click the link(s) below to get started.

NLP Mind Magic

Ego Taming

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