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One of the biggest myths of modern society is where money comes from.

This is definitely a conspiracy theory that is true.

Most people have a belief that money comes from the government.

That it is a reward for good behavior.

Like when we're kids, and we do our chores, and we get an allowance.

On a much deeper level, this childhood view of the world is why most folks have such a hard time.

We believe so long as we do what we are "supposed" to, we will get a reward.

This is a common complaint among people whose lives aren't what they expected.

I did what I was told.

I did was I was supposed to.

Where's my reward?

This is an extremely painful idea to accept.

That our society is run by folks who really don't care about us as much as they pretend to.

But if you step back a bit and study history, this has always been the case.

In fact, one historian has the opinion that ALL LEADERS from all societies had a very common way of getting money.

And that was to TAKE IT.

From their neighbors, and from their citizens.

Everybody else has to work for a living.

Meaning they have to DO THINGS that others voluntarily pay them for.

These guys are the creators.

The inventors.

Edison is famous for being an inventor, but he was more of a businessman.

Even the most famous, modern musicians, who are thought to be artists, creators of music and lyrics, are ALSO very shrewd businesspeople.

Consider that in order to become a world famous rock star, you MUST have music skills, and you must have business skills.

The starving artist, on the other hand, has artistic, creative skills, but not a lot of business skills.

What does all of this have to do with anything?

One is that we do live in a messed up society.

And if you are lucky, and happen to have a job that pays well and is guaranteed in some way by dudes in charge, that's good.

Count your lucky stars.

But most people don't.

But that's OK.

You still have a brain.

You will have your ancient instincts of creativity and money making.

Why these two?

Because every single thing that was ever invented was done for ONE reason.

To get paid.

Even way back in the day, before they knew how to fix longitude, the British Government knew they couldn't do it.

So they created a big, fat, monetary reward.

This is why everything around you was once an idea in somebody's brain.

But the process that transformed it from a thought to a thing was a desire to GET PAID.

All you need is two basic brain ingredients.

One, an idea, any idea.

Any idea that is BETTER than most of the junk out there.

And two, your ancient desire.

The desire that says:

"If I can turn this thought into a thing, I can make a TON of money."

Get Started:


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