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Most people are familiar with the plateau idea.

If you've ever done any kind of exercise, you've experienced this.

When you first start any kind of physical based sport or activity, the gains in the beginning come pretty quickly.

You put in X amount of effort and get Y amount of gains.

The plateau comes when you are putting in the same X amount of effort, but the gains, Y, are getting less and less.

This can be maddening, especially if you have a particular target in mind.

The time it will take to get to your target is a function of your daily gains, or Y.

And when you start, you tend to underestimate how long it will get there.

You want to lose fifty pounds, for example.

Week one, you put in X amount of effort, and you lose two pounds.

Cool, you think.

Twenty five weeks, and I've hit my target.

But after a month or two, you're STILL putting in the same weekly time and effort, but now you're only losing ONE pound per week.

This means your goal is now further out in the future.

This is the plateau that everybody has problems with.

There are plenty of strategies and mental techniques to deal with this.

This type of idea shows up pretty much everywhere.

Health, money, relationships, career, etc.

Put in a little effort, get some results.

Based on the efforts and the results, we extrapolate.

Only to later find out we underestimated the time it is going to take.

This is even a function of natural selection and evolution.

They call it "punctuated equilibrium."

A species will unchanged for a LONG time.

Then something drastic will happen, and they'll go through tons of changes in a very short time.

This is also what happens when you learn to "love the plateau" as many recommend.

Instead of focusing on the end point, just learn to love the journey.

And allow those sudden shifts described by "punctuated equilibrium" to show up whenever they show up.

This is a fine strategy.

A very useful, life long, self development strategy for nearly every area of life.

Why, "nearly"?

There's one area where this doesn't hold true.

And that is in the realm of human inventions.

These are a function of human creativity.

We look out into the world, and see a bunch of stuff.

We imagine better stuff, and make it happen.

Every time anybody does this, the "stuff" out there changes.

This means the stuff that exists in the world, the stuff that was first an idea in somebody's brain, doesn't follow the "punctuated equilibrium" theory.

It's more like a continuously increasing EXPLOSION of stuff.

What is an economic description of stuff?


What do you GET when continue to create more and more wealth?


A TON of money.

This is what your brain is capable of.

Every single day, there is more "stuff" out there to use as raw material.

To CREATE better things.

Learn How:


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