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Is Your Genius Keeping You Stuck?


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One cool movie about the entrepreneurial spirit is a true story called "Ingenious."

It's got plenty of "truisms" built in about inventions, genius, etc.

It shows in perfect detail what it means that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

The movie is about two guys.

They both wanted to get rich.

Neither could stand a normal job.

So their dream was to invent something, and make millions.

Which they did.

When they movie started out, they were making these custom watches.

Watches with dogs on the faces, golf clubs or tennis rackets for the hands.

They kept trying different goofy gadgets.

They had their man in China who would make them for $1 a piece, and they would try and sell them for $5 a piece.

Their idea was simple.

Keep trying things.

All they need is ONE idea to hit big, and they'd be rich.

If one thing sold in the millions, that would be enough.

Make it for $1 a piece, sell it for $5 a piece.

A simple plan.

One that panned out.

They almost got divorced to their wives along the way.

They almost got scammed out of everything.

But that simple plan paid off in the end.

Keep inventing simple, cheap to make things.

If one sells big, they get rich.

The thing that did eventually make them their millions?

A cheap, mostly plastic bottle opener.

With a small chip and a small speaker built it.

So when you opened a bottle of beer, you would hear Homer Simpson's voice say, "Mmmm... Beer!"

Now, plenty of people can think up something like that.

You don't need to have an advanced degree in ANYTHING to put those two ideas together.

Opening a bottle of beer, and Homer Simpson's voice.

But what usually comes AFTER a thought like that is:

"Yeah, that won't work because of..."

And then we fill in the blanks with our imaginations of why we won't be successful.

Even WORSE is when we believe our own self deceptions.

For example, suppose you had the idea for a Homer Simpson bottle opener.

But then you thought:

"Yeah, but we'd get sued, and end up broke."

If you BELIEVE that, you'll get stuck.

But you'll blame the CONTENT of that idea for keeping you stuck.

You'll start to think if it WASN'T for all the lawyers, you'd be rich.

This is our super genius brain working AGAINST ourselves.

But those two guys who became millionaires DIDN'T listen to their excuses.

They ignored, the common:

"It won't work because..."


Instead, they had an OPPOSITE idea.

One that says this:

"Yeah, it probably won't work. But what if it DOES?"

If you let THAT thought lead you, where will you end up?

Find Out:


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