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Once, a long, long time ago, I was in elementary school.

Our teacher gave us this math problem.

Kind of like a puzzle.

She said the first one that finished would get a prize.

So, I raced through, got the answer, but was pretty sure I'd finished first.

I looked around at all the other kids, and they were still working.

But I also had a huge crush on my teacher.

So I hesitated.

Some other kid raises his hand, and got tons of praise from the teacher.

While I sat there, silently cursing myself.

Mark Twain famously said the difference between people who can't read, and can but don't, is nothing.

I was the first one finished, but only I knew about it.

Which means as far as everybody else is concerned I wasn't the first one finished.

If you can read, but never do, then you're not much different than people who can't.

Some of the most important inventions in the history of the human race are very, very simple.

For example, men fought on horses LONG BEFORE anybody got the idea of a stirrup.

But those who had the idea of a stirrup suddenly had a HUGE advantage.

The guy who came up with the formula for Coca Cola way back in the day made a FORTUNE.

The recipe was pretty simple.

Sugar, carbonation, some flavoring.

I had a friend that was a musician as a hobbyist, but would always complain that such simple songs made tons of money for their writers.

Most ideas are very, very simple.

So simple, everybody asks themselves:

"Why didn't I think of that?"

Even worse, is people use my elementary school strategy.

People have a simple idea and make tons of money.

Other people look at that same idea and think:

"Dude, I thought of that same thing!"

The difference between rich creative geniuses and sideline creative geniuses is very much like Twain's statement.

The skill of coming up with a million dollar idea DOESN'T depend on the idea itself.


Otherwise, their "brilliant" ideas would be to complex for everybody to appreciate and enjoy.

The difference is very, very simple.

To take those same simple ideas that YOU have, inside your brain and write them down.

Get them out on paper.

Because you do have SO MANY ideas, if you write one down every couple days or so, pretty soon you'll find one that's worth following up on.

Then you can get to work, and turn your ideas something REAL.

Learn How:


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