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One interesting idea that is usually mis-interpreted is the idea of Yin and Yang.

This is almost thought to be a static balance.

For example, it's common to say that your yin and yang is out of balance.

Or your "male-female" energy is out of balance.

This is a common mistake, not just for this particular metaphor, but for plenty of metaphors.

Of misunderstanding their origins, and then misapplying them.

But according to those who study East Asian mythology, Yin Yang is NOT a static balance.

Think of the famous circle, with the swirl of black swirling into the swirl of white.

That circle is created by mapping out the sunrise and sunset, on a sundial, over the course of a year.

It's a static picture, but it's meant to be a representation of a continuously flowing idea.

Night is ALWAYS turning into day.

Spring is ALWAYS moving toward summer.

Think about this from an ancient man-woman perspective.

Men's instincts are calibrated to get out, and KILL THINGS so everybody can eat things.

Women's instincts are calibrated to create more people, and raise them from babies to fully functional adults.

Men are driven to LEAVE the tribe every day, and KILL things.

Destructive-creative energy.

Women are meant to follow men, seduce them, create more people with them, and keep everybody together.

Men are meant to leave and kill.

Or to leave home and build.

To create.

More wealth.

Women are meant to attract and bind.

To create.

More people.

This cycle between man and woman has gone on for millions of years.

Ever since we split, and created a sexual division of labor.

Men hunted.

Women gathered.

No other animal does this.

Once humans made this split, we were on the way.

With this exit and return, mutual creation (wealth and people) strategy, humans eventually took over the world.

This ancient magnetic attraction still exists.

Or at least the POTENTIAL exists.

For women, their instinctive methods of attracting men are still more or less intact.

To be young, and healthy.

Or in modern terms, young and gorgeous.

Smooth skin.

Firm breasts.

Long legs.

Flat stomach.

Straight, white teeth.

Just a little bit of body fat in the right places.

But for men this is NOT so easy.

Women just need to have the right DNA and men will DIE for them.

This is nature in action.

The youngest, healthiest (hottest) women have the most chance of having the most babies.

But men need to CREATE their attraction.

They need to develop a KILLER attitude.

A leave home, slay the dragon attitude.

This will come across in the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think.

This DOES need to be cultivated.

But the older you get, the more ATTRACTIVE you'll get to more and more women.

And since so few men today even CONTEMPLATE developing the ancient killer attitude, ALL THE WOMEN will want you.

This is the BEST part.

Because deep in her mind, women would rather SHARE a sufficiently alpha killer, with plenty of other young, gorgeous ladies, than have a beta all to herself.

Conquer your world.

BE that guy.

Learn How:


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