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Hot Ladies And Monkey Tails


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One of the interesting, and troubling things, about language is metaphors.

For descriptive purposes, metaphors are perfect.

Whether describing a movie or a gorgeous lady, metaphors are ideal.

The better you are at creating metaphors, the more of an elegant communicator you'll be.

In fact, those that can accurately describe the indescribable (feelings of love, heartbreak, breathtaking views, etc.) the more respected you'll be.

After all, language is one or most powerful tools.

Getting an idea from your brain to another is one thing.

But doing so in an interesting and emotionally pleasing way is another.

If the best you can do when describing a beautiful sunset is:

"Man, it was so AWESOME! You should have been there!"

It's one thing.

But if you can describe the sunset with words that are AS BEAUTIFUL as the sunset itself, then people will LOVE listening to you.

The area where metaphors fall apart is when trying to describe scientific ideas.

Or when describing a process that needs to be repeated.

This is when metaphors CAN make things more confusing.

This happens a lot in science.

Our brains evolved to experience things in short, macro terms.

We see an apple falling from a tree.

We think about yesterday, tomorrow, maybe next week.

Two or three years ago?

Forget it!

Stars that are millions of light YEARS away?

Forget it!

Quantum ideas about particles and waves being essentially the same thing?

Forget it!

Even commonly used phrases to describe things like the national debt don't make sense.

Sure, we know it's X Trillion dollars.

But how much is a TRILLION?

It's about as familiar as a star system a million light years away.

Natural selection is one of those things that is VERY misunderstood.

From a purely, scientific accuracy standpoint, "evolve" is a purely passive, purely random, purely organic process.

But when we describe it, particularly when we describe "how" things evolved, and "why" they evolved, it sounds like they did it on purpose.

Like, "Monkeys evolved tails so they could hang from trees."

That whole sentence is an INCORRECT metaphor.

It sounds like, once upon a time, the monkeys decided it would be nice to have tails.

So they made a plan to slowly grow out their tails over the next couple million years.


Because they WANTED to be able to hang from trees.

When men think about creating attraction in women, they make this mistake ALL THE TIME.

Women are UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to a certain "type" of guy.

Women can no longer choose who they are attracted to any more than people can choose what kind of food they like.

No more than those imaginary monkeys CHOSE to grow their tails.

What does this mean?

When you figure out WHAT those things are that create attraction in women, you can start building them like a muscle.

Which means MORE and MORE women will naturally and UNCONSCIOUSLY be attracted to you.

Before you say a single word.

Learn How:


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