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There are some pretty cool videos about magnets.

Particularly the ones that show the normally "invisible" magnetic lines of force.

If you have a regular magnet, the lines of force shoot out straight from one pole and then arc down toward the other pole.

Normally, when we think of magnets, we think of short distances.

(Or refrigerators and our shopping list...)

But the magnetic field, where the normally invisible lines of force go, are cool when we get a glimpse.

The way they make these videos is they put a ton of small metal shavings on a surface.

Then they drop a huge, heavy magnet.

The shavings bounce up in the air, and for a brief moment, they line up, in the air, according to these normally invisible lines.

The guy who came up with the equations that describe electro-magnetic radiation is Maxwell.

Maxwell's equations, which describe the electrical and magnetic field, as well as how and why they propagate through space, are generally considered to be most beautiful and elegant equations in all of science.

It's very much a "chicken and egg" type of idea.

Electromagnetic radiation propagates through space.

It's a combination of the electrical field, and the magnetic field.

The electric field changes, and as it changes, it creates changes in the magnetic field.

Then as the magnetic field changes, those changes generate the electric field.

And off they go, forever in mutual oscillation, cruising through space.

One creates the other.

Then the other creates the one.

And since light itself is an electromagnetic wave, Maxwell's equations are a theoretical way to measure the speed of light.

Something that is a constant everywhere, no matter the reference frame.

Once scientists figured out how to harness these two things, civilization took off.

This is exactly how they create electricity.

Take an electrical wire, and coil it around and around and around.

Boil a bunch of water (coal or nuclear energy) and make the electrical wire spin around and around.

Surround that spinning coil with magnets and you get an electric current.

The seemingly magical energy that powers our lives.

The thing about science is that if you step back enough, you can see these same structures EVERYWHERE.

For example, an historian made an interesting connection between the formation of stars, and the formation of large societies.

Stars slowly come together by all the dust particles slowly being pulled together by gravity.

Societies come together by the gravity of all the nomads out wandering around pulled by the "gravity" opportunities in a city.

Stars galaxies and are governed by the laws of physics.

Societies and people are governed by the laws of human nature.

Namely, man and woman, oscillating around one another since the dawn of time.

Just like electricity and magnetism.

One creates the other.

The other creates the one.

Understand this law of human nature, and understand everything.

Learn More:


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