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Random Romantic Nightmare


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When I was a kid, me and my friends would play football.

Usually two on two, or three on three.

In the street, or somewhere.

This was way back in the days when it was safe to play outside.

Often, when somebody's mom would come looking for them, we'd use the "next touchdown wins" rule.

Even if one team was ahead by a lot, we wanted to make it exciting till the very end.

This also made it feel like we had control.

So that nobody could blame somebody else's mom for interrupting the game, when they were JUST about to mount their comeback.

As adults, nobody would put up with that.

Even in some places (before the internet) when they had concerts go on sale, they'd give everybody who lined up a random number.

Imagine if you were waiting in an office for a job interview.

For a very FANTASTIC job.

You had the degree, you had the experience, and you'd even hired a consultant to help you practice giving the best interview possible.

So you show up, and there are about 20 other people in the interview room.

But then a couple minutes before your scheduled time, the hiring manager comes out of his office.

"Sorry everybody, but my wife just called. I need to come home IMMEDIATELY for dinner, or I'll be in big trouble!"

"So, we're just going to put everybody's name in a hat, and whoever I draw is going to get hired!"

The only person NOT pissed would be the dude or gal whose name was drawn.

But even then they'd feel like they cheated.

And any company who hired randomly like this would go out of business.

Life has been on earth for more than a billion years.

And yes, genetic variations are randomly created.

But the only ones that survive, and replicate, are the ones that can DO BETTER than everybody else.

The BETTER something is, the more competition there will be.

The best jobs, the best houses, and the BEST relationship partners.

Imagine if they made a LAW saying that all relationships would be determined by RANDOM selection.

That would SUCK!

One common idea that is very "popular" today is that there isn't much difference between men and women.

Or within men and women, any label of "attraction" is a social construct.

This is utter horse poopy.

Imagine a couple of ladies in front of you.

One is your absolute DREAM girl.

The other is the OPPOSITE of your DREAM girl.

Both in EVERY WAY.

Body type, hair type, personality type, intelligence, EVERYTHING.

Dream girl on one side.

Anti-dream girl on the other.

If you had a MAGIC WAND, that could easily make EITHER GIRL fall madly in love with you, which would you choose?

Is there ANYTHING that would make you NOT choose the REAL dream girl?

No effing way!

Here's the harsh truth.

Women feel the SAME WAY about men.

There are DREAM MEN, and there are ANTI dream men.

Which one do you want to be?

Learn How:


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