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Wake Up Your Ancient Killer


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I love eating peanuts.

Particularly in the shell.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved eating peanuts in the shell.

I'll get a really big bowl, and dump a bunch of unshelled peanuts.

Then I'll slowly dig around while I'm watching a movie on TV or something.

Theoretically, I could keep the uneaten peanuts on one bowl, and put the shells in another bowl.

But part of me likes the treasure hunting aspect.

Of digging around in a bowl of mostly peanut shells, hoping to find one that hasn't been eaten.

Sometimes I'll give up.

Put the bowl aside.

But then later part of me wonders.

If maybe I hadn't looked hard enough.

So I pick up the bowl and start rustling around.

Often, I'll get a false positive.

The way I grab a shell, for a split second I think it's an uneaten, still in the shell, peanut.

But then I flip it over, and find out it's already been eaten.


But sometimes, I'll find a full peanut.

Big, heavy, just waiting to be cracked open.

It's like finding TREASURE!

Yeah, I know.


But we all have a kind of sorting mechanism in our brains.

We have to.

We have to choose among all the noise, to find the good stuff.

Sometimes this is easy.

TOO easy.

We get complacent.

If we have to look, we start to get angry.

But consider we all have a very ancient, very powerful, "treasure hunting" instinct.

When ancient guys would go out hunting, they'd spend days looking for any evidence of large animal.

Imagine being an ancient hunter.

Hungry, worried.

And finally seeing some wooly mammoth tracks.

For modern humans, that would have probably felt like finding a bag of money on the street.

Following a set of big tracks of an animal you'd hope to kill would be like modern humans getting a huge run up on a stock or bitcoin.

Imagine what that ancient dude would have thought.

"If I can catch up to this thing, and kill it, I'll be the hero. 

We'll all feast for days.

I might even get laid!"

Imagine the women.

Hoping the men come back with a big kill.

Waiting patiently for days.

And finally seeing them dragging back a huge animal.

Especially if you were a young cave girl, and the guy you'd had your eye on was the dude responsible for the kill.

This scenario represents human emotions at their finest.

Dudes being responsible for the big kill.

Ladies being taken care of by dudes who risked their lives for them.

The happy tribe, back together again.

A week long feast, without any worry whatsoever.

Today, those instincts are STARVED.

Our modern world is a train wreck.

Junk food, junk relationships, junk validation, even junk money.

But those ancient killer instincts still live inside you.

Wake them up.

And dominate.

Learn How:


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