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Losing weight is tough.

Or it can be tough.

If you've got a good reason, it can be pretty easy.

This requires you have some kind of a counter balance against the desire to eat.

For example, if you were going to be in a movie where you had to take off your shirt, this would be a pretty decent motivator.

You imagine the short term pleasure of eating a big plate of chili cheese fries.

But that short term, NOW, pleasure is immediately outweighed by both the positive and negative implications.

IF you DO enjoy the fries, the idea of looking like a fat slob in the movie where you take your shirt off will be RIGHT THERE.

On the other hand, if you are a famous Hollywood actor who half the young ladies in the world fantasize about, THAT thought will be enough to counter balance the short term, fries pleasure.

Since most of us don't have that kind of counter balance, it's MUCH harder to lose weight.

Many other things work the same way.

Some things are difficult in the short term, but the benefits on the other side of are MASSIVE.

This is how we developed acquired tastes.

Nobody really enjoys the taste of coffee the FIRST TIME they drink it.

But once you get the coffee buzz, that feels good.

And we naturally, and subconsciously associate the coffee buzz with the taste.

The same with alcohol.

And many other acquired tastes.

Most of these things have the support of social proof.

If you're at a party, and everybody is drinking alcohol,  you'll be compelled to try it.

It will taste like crap, but then you feel that nice, comfortable buzz.

Pretty soon you are a wine and beer connoisseur. 

But some things don't have any social proof.

But they are VERY powerful.

And offer an enormous amount of rewards.

What kind of rewards?

Social, sexual, emotional, romantic.

The short term "unpleasant" thing you need to power through is your own ego.

We all have an ego.

Our ego is that thing that makes us interrupt others.

Our ego is the part of us that is ALWAYS running in the background, trying to think of something BETTER so say.

For most of us, the only time our ego shuts up is if we are TOO NERVOUS.

This is when have those uncomfortable silences.

But if you can quite down your ego without the nervousness, this is when the magic happens.

First, you turn off your ego.

Then you focus your brain on the other person.

Then you use some very simple conversational techniques to ask questions about them.

Questions that make them feel FANTASTIC.

Do this for a few minutes, and they will naturally associate those good feelings with YOU.

Do this enough, and they'll LITERALLY start to fall in love with you.

Learn How:


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