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When I was much younger, I was in Boy Scouts.

The best parts were the long hikes.

Especially the multi-day backpacking trips.

The first day was always the worst.

Very long, very steep, very difficult.

But once we got over the first high mountain pass, life was fantastic.

Huge valleys with very few people.

Big lakes, nobody around, fantastic fishing.

When most people go camping, they think about car camping.

Of loading up their cars with as much junk as possible.

Big coolers filled with beers and steaks.

Tons of firewood.

This is also a lot of fun.

But this is very easy.

It doesn't take much effort, or planning, to drive somewhere, park, get out of our car and sit on the ground next to your car.

So these types of camping spots are always filled.

Other people, families, couples, etc.

You'll find this idea everywhere.

Of being able to separate things in these two categories.

The things that are EASY to do.

And the things that are NOT so easy to do.

Anybody can do the easy things.

That's why they, like car camping spots, are always so crowded.

Very few people can do the difficult things.

That's why these gorgeous, high valleys on the other side of big mountain passes have few people.

But sometimes, the easy-difficult spectrum is a paradox.

Sometimes what seems difficult at first, ends up being much, much easier.

For backpacking vs. car camping, this is easy.

Car camping places are easy to get to, but kind of hard to enjoy.

Backpacking places are hard to get to, but very easy to enjoy.

For for some things, the difference is purely mental.

And it's much more a matter of momentum.

For example, consider social situations.

Most people have a short term approach.

They don't consider thinking about approaching somebody, unless they are ALREADY interested in that person.

This almost always means the person in question is attractive.

This requires very little thought.

But if you ever DO approach (some never do) it is VERY DIFFICULT.

So, in the very short term, usually mostly mental, this SEEMS easy.

But when the rubber meets the road (e.g. when you see an attractive person  you'd like to talk to) this can be the most TERRIFYING THING in the world.

But if you only spend just a LITTLE BIT more effort in the short term, those attractive people will be like the high mountain meadows.

Fantastic and with ZERO competition.

How do you do this?

First, get into the habit of talking to anybody who looks like they MIGHT BE interesting.

Second is to NEVER worry about closing.

Let the other person worry about that.

What will this do?

This will slowly and easily build your confidence.

This will make you much more subconsciously attractive.

Which means when you DO see attractive people, you'll not only start conversations with them without even thinking, but you will have SUCH an attractive frame, they'll close you.

Learn How:


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