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Never Face Rejection Again


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How would you like to be remembered?

No, not like that!

This isn't for your funeral!

But after you have a conversation with a cute guy or girl?

How would you like to be remembered?

When they see your text, for the FIRST time after the conversation, what would you like them think?

How would you like them to feel?

This is ONE simple reframe to get you a little bit out of your anxiety state.

Most of us see a cutie across the room.

We want to talk to them.

So we focus ONLY on the impending conversation.

What might work, what might fail.

This makes us nervous.

Instead, think of building something.

Imagine a few days BEYOND the conversation.

When you are texting or calling them.

What FEELING are you intending to start on NOW, that they will feel then?

See, when you only think about the approach, it feels very much like you are performing.

And THEY can choose to approve your or not.

But if you, instead, think beyond the approach, and try to build a memory, it shifts the focus away from NOW.

Away from them approving of you or not.

This is the first step AWAY from a "right now" approach to a much more longer game approach.

But let's take it a step further.

Consider THIS crazy idea.

That you approach, build in some good feelings and memories, but you DON'T close.

Your ONLY goal is to walk up, break the ice, make them smile, perhaps laugh, and then LEAVE.

Now, this is NOT a "trick" to use on one person to "get them to like you."

This is a strategy to get MANY, MANY more people to like you.

How so?

Suppose you close EVERY person you talk to.

What kind of percentages would you get?

Not just numbers, but successful POST conversation flirtations?

It's pretty EASY to get plenty of numbers.

But most of those numbers will be fake.

Not fake numbers, but fake DESIRE to give you the numbers.

Most will just be polite to get rid of you.

Which means if you ONLY collect numbers, MOST of them will not pan out.

This means you'll ALWAYS be struggling against the cold hard numbers game.

This is where cold approaching is a HORRIBLE idea.

If you shoot free throws, you'll slowly get better.

If you play scales on the piano, you'll slowly get better.

With most practice, you slowly get better.

The only thing pushing BACK against forward progress is boredom.

But with number closing, you have a much more POWERFUL force pushing back against forward momentum.

Social rejection, which is an instinctive FEAR.

And like fear of heights or loud noises, you can't EVER get rid of this.

So, what's the answer.


Only approach, get a smile, and bolt.

This WILL increase your confidence.

Because there won't be any rejection.

Not only will your confidence grow, but soon, a certain percentage will be closing YOU.

And these folks will be VERY HIGHLY QUALIFIED.

Not the throw-away numbers most people get.

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