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Our instincts were calibrated WAY before our brains evolved.

Which is good.

Really good.

Our instincts are essentially automatic compulsions to keep us doing things that are healthy, and avoiding things that are dangerous.

One instinct that everybody struggles with is eating.

Here's an interesting experiment you can try.

Wait until you are really hungry.

Like, really, really hungry.

And fix yourself (or order) something absolutely DELICIOUS.

And while you eat that delicious food, try to do something very brain intensive.

NOT watching TV or doing something else passive.

Something REALLY difficult like deriving the quadratic equation.

Or even doing a complicated long division problem.

If you are hungry, and you put food into your mouth, your higher brain functions will SHUT DOWN.

You cannot eat AND do long division.

At least as efficiently as you can ONLY do long division.

This is why your otherwise friendly dog will growl if you put your arms around his neck while he's eating.

Our instincts are very OLD.

Very powerful.

This is why it's very, very difficult, (unless you have a really compelling reason like sex or money) to eat only ONE chip.

Or ONE scoop of ice cream.

These are true for ALL our instincts.

Sex, social validation, and food.

Food is easy to see, and easy to manage, if you are so inclined.

If you are on a diet, you don't have a cupboard full of chips or a freezer full of ice cream.

You don't go to McDonalds and order a salad.

The best way to manage your food instinct is to KEEP AWAY from food.

This is a food version of the idea of "lead us not into temptation."

If you are a wife and your husband works with a bunch of super horny, super promiscuous, super hot, super extroverted secretaries, you'd worry like CRAZY.

On the other hand, if you're a wife and your husband worked with a  bunch of angry, man hating feminists, you wouldn't worry one bit.

But there is one instinct that is equally dangerous, but in a very, very insidious way.

This is like the "can't eat one chip" instinct.

But it has to do with social interactions.

Most guys are terrified of approaching and having a friendly conversation with attractive girls.

The common advice is to just grab your nuts, walk over and say, "Hey, baby!"

This is utterly HORRIBLE advice.

The WORST advice ever.

It is kind of HALF right.

But it's like planning a bank heist without a getaway plan.


If you ONLY focus on the approach, you are missing a key ingredient.

A key ingredient to building MASSIVE social confidence.

Not only building massive social confidence, but getting pretty much EVERY GIRL you have a conversation with DESPERATE to see you again.

This is very counterintuitive.

This is very long game.

But this is VERY powerful.

Learn How:


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