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The Cause Of All Modern Pain


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One simple way to understand the idea of "instinct mismatch" is internal vs. external motivating factors.

Instinct mismatch is theory from evolutionary psychology that the world we live in today is much different than the one we evolved in.

Our instincts don't really know how to handle the modern world.

The three biggest instincts, most important for our survival is food, sex, and social signals.

Food since we need energy to live.

Sex since we need to not go extinct.

Social signals because we lived in tight groups, and we had to be very aware of social signals.

Misbehaving, or doing things dangerous to the tribe, got us negative signals.

These negative signals made us feel bad, so we'd stop doing those things.

Doing things that helped the tribe got us positive social signals, which felt good, which compelled us to continue to do those things.

All of these were instincts.

Instincts make us feel good when we obey them, and bad when we don't.

These worked perfectly back in the day when we were constrained by our environment.

These constraints came from OUTSIDE of us.

We couldn't get fat because food was scarce and hard to get.

We could have relationship problems since there weren't a lot of options.

The good things and bad things that got us good and bad social signals were very simple, and tied to simple things.

Like getting good, attracting dangerous animals, finding good places to camp.

So back then, we didn't really need to think.

We just did whatever felt good, and our environment, which was very constraining, did all the rest.

Today, there are very little constraints to ANY of our instincts.

The three main instincts, food, sex, and social validation, can be found everywhere and easily for many people.

Which means if live exactly like we were programmed, your life will be a wreck.

Eating anything you can, so long as it tastes good, and as much as you can.

Having sex with anybody with a pulse.

Chasing ANY kind of social validation you can get.

These THREE THINGS are the main culprit behind most modern misery.

Since the external constraints are gone, what do we do?

Give up and live our lives as 300 pound sexual addicts chasing the latest hit from social media?

Nope, there is another way.

A much more enlightened way.

And that is to create MOMENTUM.

To slowly, VERY SLOWLY, build healthy habits.

Healthy food habits.

Healthy sex habits.

Healthy validation habits.

If you go slow enough, your past, the things you've done every day CAN replace those ancient, external constraints.

But the secret is to go as absolutely SLOWLY as you can.

Ditch all that motivational nonsense.

Go slow, just like that ancient turtle, and WIN.

Learn How:


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