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Why do goals often fail?

Is it a lack of willpower?

No, it is not.

It's actually based on simple economics.

Not the kind economics that government goofs talk about.

The real kind that exists inside of your head.

For every action we take, there are costs.

No animal would survive very long if they consistently took action where the costs exceeded the benefits.

Think about this from a basic calorie standpoint.

If you are going after a piece of food that will give you 500 calories, it only makes sense if expend less than that many calories in getting that piece of food.

But for us humans, there are two costs to any action.

The kind of costs we need to actually spend.

Monetary costs, calorie-energy costs, social exposure costs.

But there are also the opportunity costs.

Opportunity costs are things you CAN'T get once you go after any one thing.

Here's where it gets kind of complicated.

When we decide to go after something that may take a few days, we have to IMAGINE both the costs and the benefits.

Here is a very silly and extreme example.

Suppose you're in a bar, and you see a cutie across the room.

You are flirting with them, they are flirting with you.

You'd like to go and talk to them.

What are the imagined benefits?

A nice conversation with a cute person AND a potential romantic relationship.

What are the imagined costs?

The social exposure, the risks of getting shot down.

If she never looked at you, the risks would be very high.

Which would make the imagined costs greater than the imagined benefits.

But suppose she was REALLY flirting with you.

Now the imagined costs are much lower.

The imagined benefits are much higher.

So you waltz on over, thinking you're in like Flynn.

When you get there and say hey, she smiles back at you.

But it turns out she's a vampire!

Her eyes are gleaming with that evil vampire glint, and her fangs are still dripping blood from her last victim.

You flee in terror, happy to make it out of there alive.

The imagined costs and benefits turned out to be WAY different than you'd imagined.

Based on your initial assumptions, walking over was the LOGICAL thing to do.

But once you saw her fangs and the blood thirsty look in her eyes, running away was the LOGICAL thing to do.

This is, at it's core, why most goals will ALWAYS fail.

Before you start, you have an idea of the costs and the benefits.

But as you move closer to your goal, the costs turn out to be bigger than you'd imagined.

The benefits turn out to be less than you'd imagined.

This means giving up on a goal is JUST AS LOGICAL as running away from a vampire.

What's the solution?

Change a few filters, and learn to more ACCURATELY estimate both costs and benefits.

Do this and you'll start hitting your goals automatically.

Learn How:



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