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Don't Get Punched By Buddha


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Buddha once said that all pain comes from having wrong assumptions.

As soon as you quote somebody like Buddha, people's brains shift into metaphysical, esoteric thinking.

As if you are speaking about philosophy that doesn't really apply to regular, day to day live.

For example, a common metaphysical saying is, "you can't step in the same river twice."

This is true.

It sounds cool.

You can even stop and think about all the implications.

Every time you breathe, you swap out some molecules for other ones.

This mean the "you" to inhaled is a different "you" who exhaled?

Does this mean the "you" that is your self awareness is a different "you" than your physical body?

What does this mean for your soul?

These are cool ideas.

But if you need some quick cash, or some guy's chasing you to give you a beat down, they don't help.

This is why extended discussions about these topics are sometimes referred to as "mental masturbation."

Yes, they are cool.

Yes, they feel good.

But they don't really help solving any real world problems.

But that one by the Buddha CAN solve real world problems.

Once again, that statement is about all pain coming from a misunderstanding of reality.

An example.

You have a lady friend, or a guy friend if you're lady.

You had a long discussion about some difficult problems.

THEY think you are being a good friend.

YOU think it's ON!

Like Donkey Kong!

They give you a thank you hug.

You think this is PROOF that it's on.

You put your hands down their pants and pull out your junk.

They pull back horrified, and punch you in the FACE.

They PAIN of getting punched in the face?

THAT is the EXACT kind of pain Buddha was talking about.

If you make incorrect assumptions about something, that WILL cause real physical or emotional pain.

This is a matter of calibration.

Of understand YOUR mind.

And understanding the mind of others.

Most of us humans have been brainwashed.

We've been brainwashed and trained that everything should be EASY.

That if can imagine it, we can create it!

That's a fantastic law of attraction type statement.

Even Napoleon Hill wrote that "thoughts are things."

This is a profound sounding statement.

It's literally true, linguistically true and metaphorically true.

Literally and linguistically true because a thought is a NOUN.

A noun, of course, is a person, place or THING.

But it's also metaphorically true because every thing that exists was once a THOUGHT in somebody's brain.

But here's where the brainwashing comes in.

We assume that the transition from thought TO thing is quick and easy.

As if all you need to do is imagine something hard enough and it will happen.

This is nonsense.

EVERYTHING takes work.

Even making a peanut butter sandwich.

If you think things will happen magically, as Buddha warned, you will get smacked in the face.

But if you understand the process, and the time required, of turning thoughts into things, you'll start getting some cool things.

Get Going:


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