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The Motivation Crack Pipe


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Self help is a multi billion dollar industry.

Most of self help is centered around motivational speakers.

Even if you sign up for an MLM, some kind of networking marketing company that sells shampoo, it will be heavily based on motivational speakers.

The idea seems strange, when you step back.

If you've got some shampoo that works well, compared to the competition, it should sell itself.

Maybe it's cheaper than the rest and does the same thing.

Or maybe it's the same price but does a lot more than the rest.

This is how products are normally sold.

But network marketing products are always more expensive.

And they REQUIRE a ton of consistent motivation.

A bunch of goofs jumping up and down on stage telling everybody how AWESOME it is to be part of this AMAZING shampoo system.

Why are we humans such SUCKERS for this type of thing?

PT Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute.

Dude wasn't lying.

We are suckers because we believe in things that are too good to be true.

That's the promise if get rich quick every other con.

You are pitched and idea.

Here's a box of shampoo.

You sell some to your friends.

And if YOU can convince your friends to sell this same shampoo, you'll get some money.

And if THEY can convince some of their friends,  you'll get some of THEIR money as well.

This sounds very much like FREE MONEY.

Only it's very, very difficult convince your friends to sell some goofy shampoo.

So you NEED to get a FIX of some motivational goof screaming and hollering on stage.

This same structure exists in many, many places.

Weight loss, learning any kind of skills, particularly skills that have to do with talking to other people.

But consider this idea.

That motivation, at its core is the ARCHENEMY of success.


We need motivation because we can't get started.

That motivation makes us SPRINT up ahead.

Then we burn out, and quit.

And feel bad for a while.

Until we take another hit off the motivation crack pipe.

This structure may feel familiar.

Like some story some guy told.

A story told more than 2000 years ago.

About a turtle and a rabbit running a race.

Of course,  you remember the moral of the story, right?

That slow and steady wins the race?

What does that mean for us?

Motivation is the rabbit.

That doesn't work.

What does work?


The steady turtle.

When you take one tiny step today, it's very easy to take another tiny step tomorrow.

After a while, those tiny steps become a HABIT.

You don't have to think about them.

So, you do a slightly bigger tiny step.

Until that becomes a habit.

That is momentum.

Auto pilot forward progress.

Learn More:


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