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Once upon a time there was this young man.

He wanted to be famous.

So he scrolled through YouTube, looking for ways to become famous.

He came across some guy juggling in some park.

He was surrounded by happy and smiling people.

So he thought about becoming a professional juggler.

He was excited.

He searched for more jugglers on YouTube.

He found this guy juggling chainsaws.

That was even better.

Way cooler.

The people watching him were super impressed.

So our hero decided that his career was going to be a chainsaw juggler.

Certainly he would be rich and famous.

Certainly all the ladies would want to be with him.

Certainly all the guys would want to be him.

He might even get called into the oval office.

After all, who better to advise the president than a world famous chainsaw juggler, right?

When he imagined juggling chainsaws, it seemed easy.

He remembered some law of attraction saying about all you need to do is imagine something, and then you can do that same thing.


The only problem was what kind of chainsaws should he buy?

He figured he go down to Home Depot, and try a few out.

He wandered into the chainsaw aisle.

He fired up a couple, and started to test them out.

He miscalculated, and one the chainsaws came down and cut off his arm.

He was horrified!

This didn't happen in his law of attraction visualization!

A woman saw the blood and screamed.

He tried to run, but he slipped in the pool of his own blood.

He fell over and in the process, knocked over the stack of chainsaws.

The metal shelf tipped over.

Right into the aisle in Home Depot where they keep all the gunpowder.

The metal shelf containing the chainsaws hit the metal shelf containing all the gunpowder and created a spark.

The spark ignited all the gunpowder.

Home Depot went up in flames.

Everybody died!

OK, silly story.

Everybody knows they don't keep gunpowder at Home Depot!

But what's the moral of the story?

If you connect a desire to a skill you HAVEN'T mastered, it may end in DISASTER!

On the other hand, if you connect a desire to a skill you have trained in to the point of unconscious competence, what do you get?

An automatic outcome.

And easy outcome.

Some people try to do things, but they can't.

Or they want to stop doing things, but they can't.

So they get angry at themselves.

They say they lack willpower.

Guess what?

That's not true.

Because there is more to willpower than just wanting to do something, and then doing something.

In fact, willpower doesn't really exist.

What does?

Find Out:


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