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How To Become Open and Un-Stiff


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When I was very young, I went with my older brother to local university.

He was in some internship program, and he had to go and do some kind of paperwork.

I had about an hour to kill, so I went off exploring.

I found this upper level in the gym, next to the office where he was doing his stuff.

They had a ton of high jump cushions all stacked up.

Maybe about two layers of 6 or 7 mats.

There was also this kind of catwalk you could get up by a ladder.

About 10 or 20 feet above the mats.

Naturally, I took full advantage of this hidden treasure.

I must've climbed that ladder 20 times.

Falling is fun.

But only when you have a soft landing.

On the other hand, if you jump off a tall building, only to land on concrete, that's not so fun.

This is the kind of stuff that happens in cartoons.

Somebody will jump off a roof, land on some concrete, and be flattened.

Then they'll unflatten themselves and get up and walk away.

The reason this is in children's cartoons is that fear if heights is a built in instinct.

This is why it takes most kids a while to jump off a high dive in the pool.

This metaphor can also be applied to personalities.

We even use the same kind of language.

Suppose you look across the room  and see somebody that is nervous, closed off, worried and anxious.

A common metaphor would that they are stiff.

A common suggestion to them would be to loosen up.

Nobody likes interacting with stiff people, just like nobody likes jumping onto concrete.

We'd rather talk to somebody who is relaxed, open and friendly.

These same adjectives could be used to describe those mats I kept jumping into.

We don't like stiff people because we have to walk on eggshells.

We might say something that might offend them.

But with somebody who's open, relaxed, and friendly, they look very "forgiving."

Another metaphor that is used to described physical things.

Soft, not hard.

So, it is clear that being relaxed and open are better than being stiff and worried.

The money question is HOW can you be relaxed and open?

The reason people are closed off and stiff is they DON'T KNOW what to do or what to say.

From inside their brain, and maybe inside your brain, EVERYBODY seems mysterious.

So, how can you fix that?

By learning to read between the lines.

Learning to read the air.

Learn to read things like body language and non-verbal behavior.

This will give you MUCH MORE information.

About everybody around you.

So you'll know who's really nice, and who's just pretending.

Learn How:


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