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The creation of life on Earth is a mystery.

Kind of.

They don't know exactly how it happened, but they've got some pretty good ideas.

Way back in the beginning, there were a kajillion atoms and basic molecules all bouncing around.

Eventually, some of the these basic molecules would hook up to from bigger and bigger molecules.

Pretty soon these molecules create what we call "life."

It took a LONG time.

But many suspect that this would always happen, eventually, given the right ingredients, temperatures, pressures.

From a purely probability standpoint, certain things are inevitable given the limits of the system.

For example, if you stood there tossing a coin, eventually you'd get five heads in a row.

Given how many tosses per minute, you could even predict how often you'd get five heads in a row.

Similarly, given enough time (a billion years or so) and the right basic components under the right conditions, you'd eventually get life.

The way atoms form molecules is pretty cool.

One metaphorical way to think about this is like a giant container of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Every jigsaw puzzle piece is looking around for a good fit.

But every they join together, they make a BIGGER jigsaw puzzle.

The reason we are a carbon based life form, along with oxygen and hydrogen, is with only these three atoms, you can get TONS of different molecules.

This may seem a bit of a leap, but humans are LOT like atoms.

There are many, many ways we can create these overlapping, mutually beneficial relationships.

For things like bees and flowers, this is pretty easy to understand.

They have one thing they other needs.

They "co-evolved" to help each other out.

But humans have many, many more potential "things" to help each other out.

This is exactly what Adam Smith described in the wealth of nations, way back in 1776.

People want money.

So they need to figure out what to make, that we will want MORE than our money.

We trade our money for their stuff, and both people are happy.

Just like bees and flowers.

But on non-financial, subconscious level, there are TONS more opportunities.

In comic books and movies about hero's, this is kind of obvious.

Different superheroes have different superpowers, and they join a team to create an unbeatable force.

Very much like in the movie, "Ocean's Eleven."

They put together a "dream team" of criminals to rob a casino.

Every member had their own criminal superpower.

Every single human has TONS of strengths and weaknesses.

This means every single human you come across a lot of potential to create overlapping, mutually beneficial relationships.

But since most of these live in the subconscious, most people don't notice this.

Most people only notice the obvious.

But if you can see BEYOND the obvious, you can create your own team of superheroes, for any reason.

Learn How:


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