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I love movies.

Especially movies you can watch over and over.

Movies that are rich with meaning.

Movies that are purposely open to interpretation.

This is essentially what makes a classic.

Movies that different generations can watch over and over.

But here's the thing, as much as we think something like this is possible, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reverse engineer a classic.

When actors, directors and writers get together to make a movie, NOBODY knows it's going to be a classic.

The people who DO think they are making a classic usually make a movie that is utter crap.

Al Pacino said that he was filming the FIRST Godfather, he thought it, and HE was going to suck.

An interview of Mick Jagger when he was in his early twenties said that he thought maybe the Rolling Stones would last for "a couple years."

Even an fairly recent interview with William Shatner, he jokingly said they knew they were doing something brilliant.

Because even he knows that is impossible.

What does all this mean?

For one, most of the inputs into what will become a classic are SUBCONSCIOUS.

The actors are inspired to play a character a certain way.

The directors are inspired to direct a certain way.

They screenwriters are inspired to interpret a book or story a certain way.

Nobody sits down and plans a classic.

If that were even REMOTELY possible, no movies would suck.

But as you know, many, many movies suck.

Now, if you're making movies, there are a LOT of variables that go into even making a DECENT movie.

And even then there are NO guarantees.

Plenty of sports teams tried to buy a boatload of fantastic players, hoping they'd have a sure thing of a championship.

But even this rarely works out.

This is because humans aren't robots.

Not even close.

We have intentions, skills, strategies that are mostly unconscious.

If you've ever been in a relationship with somebody who has a problem, this can be MADDENING.

On the other hand, if you car is acting up, it won't take a decent very long to find out what's wrong.

But with humans?

Most of the time we don't even know what we want ourselves.

Let alone know how to express what's wrong.

Especially when we try and force all our deep emotions through our very tiny, very limited conscious filter.

Limited not only by the words we can use, but by the emotions we are willing to consciously acknowledge.

Why not make it easy on them?

Why not learn the communication that exists FAR BELOW consciousness?

This will make everything much, much easier.

Learn How:


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