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Self deception is not a bad thing.

It's one of those things we do all the time ourselves.

But it's easy to see in others.

Kind of like confirmation bias.

If you are having an argument with a friend, particularly about a political issue, it's obvious to see their confirmation bias, but not your own.

But confirmation bias is a very needed and necessary filter.

Without confirmation bias our poor brains would be swarmed with tons of data we wouldn't know what to do with.

When we accuse others of confirmation bias, it's not really the confirmation bias we are pointing out.

The issue is actually much deeper.

And that is nearly ALL of our beliefs are purely subjective.

You have a subjective belief.

They have a subjective believe.

But we all believe our subjective beliefs are OBJECTIVE.

And everybody else's is subjective.

This is enhanced when we surround ourselves with similarly minded people.

This adds social proof.

And if we, like most people, have ideas that are in our head that came from recognized authority figures, this adds ANOTHER instinct affinity.

Now we have confirmation bias, authority and social proof all keeping us attached to our subjective belief.

That WE think is objective.

So, naturally, everybody else is suffering from confirmation bias.

But not us!

This is where a metaphor about glass houses would be appropriate.

Why is all this so confusing and complicated?

All our biases and instincts were calibrated for a MUCH more simpler and much more DANGEROUS time.

One of the KEY differences is back then, before we invented large societies, we ONLY had our social group.

The idea of competing political ideas did not exist.

It was OUR social group vs. the environment.

Our collective confirmation bias against the environment.

Our authority, leading our social group, bound together by our collective confirmation bias, against the environment.

Today the environment is not tigers and wooly mammoths and snakes.


In the old days, when we came across another group of competing cave people, we didn't have a political debate.

We killed them, and probably ate them.

But here's the thing.

All our biases, and instincts and filters are working EXACTLY like they were designed to.

But because the environment has changed, they seem to be making things difficult.

But it's really a HUGE opportunity.

When you re-calibrate all your filters, and biases, to a new and modern environment, filled with PEOPLE, and not dangerous animals, you will see much, much more deeply BENEATH the words people use.

Just like a highly trained quarterback can read the defense, you can read the room.

Just like an ancient and powerful leader can sniff the air and decide which direction to go, you can sense the subconscious communication and KNOW where to take the conversation.

This will give you X-Ray vision into everything.

Learn How:


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