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Once I was in Las Vegas, playing blackjack.

It was in the early morning, and my buddies and I had just arrived.

It was three of us and one other guy.

We are all in a good mood, at the beginning of our trip.

I don't remember exactly what had happened, but everybody noticed it.

Even when we were all talking and laughing, the dealer made a mistake.

And even though NONE of us were looking directly at the dealer, we all noticed the mistake.

But it was a kind of mistake that if the dealer caught it BEFORE he dealt the next card, he could have recovered.

But if he dealt one more card, we all would have won by default.

The way the energy changed was pretty amazing.

There we were, chattering and laughing and telling stories and then BAM!

We all froze.

But NOBODY looked directly at the dealer.

We ALL had the EXACT same idea in our brain.

"Don't say anything, pretend nothing is wrong, but watch him carefully and hope he makes a mistake."

The dealer NOTICED the sudden shift in energy at the table.

And I think that's what caused him to make a mistake and deal another card.

As soon as he did, we all resumed our natural, happy, conversational state.

Then he realized his mistake and paid us.

This is only ONE example of how much we are always perceiving.

The main reason we noticed this was MONEY was on the line.

It's kind of like when you're walking down the street, and you see some green paper out of the corner of your eye.

Like your subconscious jumps up and says, "HEY! Look over there!"

Your train of thought is suddenly yanked off the tracks, and now you've got some money.

This is essentially what happened at the blackjack table.

Only it happened to all of us.

And not for MONEY, but for a MONEY OPPORTUNITY.

This is how our brain works.

We have our brain, we have plenty of filters, then we have TONS of data hitting our senses.

But most of us don't see ANY of that data, unless there is a BLATANT reason.

Like money, or somebody calls our name, or there is suddenly a gorgeous woman with huge boobs smiling right at us.

But guess what?

You can learn how to perceive ALL that data that is hitting you.

For example, we'll all suddenly shift our attention if a sexy person is looking right at us.

That is very blatant.

But what about ALL the people sending very subtle signs that they would like to get to know us?

How many of these do you miss, every single day?

Find Out:


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