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The Unicycle Technique


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Steve Martin made a movie a long, long time ago called, "The Lonely Guy."

He didn't have any friends.

He'd go out eat by himself.

He'd have a "cover" that he was a food critic.

But that was after he'd sat down.

When he'd walk in, and ask for a table for one, everybody would stop.

All the people in the restaurant, in the middle of their conversations, would stop and look at him.

They'd even have a spotlight on him.

This is how it feels for most of us, when we go social places alone.

"Hey! Who is that weirdo? Why doesn't he have any friends?"

We even get this feeling when walking across a room to introduce yourself.

As soon as we live the safety of our group, or the safety of the wall we are leaning against, we feel exposed.

As if everybody is going to STOP what they are doing and watch us.

"Hey! Everybody! Look at that guy, all by himself, walking across the room to talk to that pretty girl!"

The truth is, nobody really think this.

Unless you are PROJECTING that kind of energy.

The nervous, "I'm doing something wrong" energy.

The "I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing" energy.

How can you NOT project that energy?


Don't FEEL that energy.

Yeah, I know, much easier said than done.

But guess what?

The energy you feel, and project, is something you can PRACTICE.

For example, imagine you'd never ridden a unicycle before, and you tried to ride it across the room.

If you were uncertain and off balance, it would show on your face.

People would watch you, but they would feel a certain way.

A "hey that guy's about to crash" kind of way.

But suppose you practiced?

Suppose you rode a unicycle across the room with a confident and playful expression across your face?

They'd look at you much DIFFERENTLY.

You can practice feeling comfortable in social situations JUST LIKE you could (if you wanted to) practice riding a unicycle.

Social situations require skills.

Skills take practice.

So long as you practice slowly, you'll get better.

But here's the thing.

If you became a super confident unicycle rider, what would that get you?

It might be a cool party trick.

But riding a unicycle, in and of itself, doesn't do much.

After you get over the thrill of learning something difficult, it'd be boring.

But social skills come pre-loaded with plenty of good feelings.

Humans are social animals.

Which means the more social skills you practice, the more you'll enjoy life.

Get Started:


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