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Eliminate The Third Instinct


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There are two kinds of instincts.

Those in our DNA, and those in our brain.

Those in our DNA are things like hunger, sex, fear of snakes, etc.

The ones in our brain are things that we've learned to the point of unconscious competence.

Riding a bike, tying our shoes, playing music or sports if you are a musician and athlete.

Some of these secondary instincts are set and forget, like riding a bike.

Some are things you can continuously improve and enhance.

Like sports, music, and communication.

Some of our ancient instincts give us trouble today.

Hunger is the biggest one.

Our response to positive and negative social signals, like validation, are another.

Our ancient brains were programmed to do things that helped out the tribe.

Provide REAL value.

Things like food and protection.

In response, we got positive social validation.

If we did something that endangered the tribe, like attract the attention of a couple of hungry tigers, we got some NASTY looks.

This kept us all behaving in a way that would help out the tribe.

Kept us motivated to ALL do good things and avoid doing bad things.

These two are probably the two biggest instincts that give us grief today.

Hunger and social validation.

Since they are deeply programmed, genetic instincts, we can NEVER shut them off.

They can only be managed.

Trying to ignore negative social attention is like trying to ignore hunger.

Very difficult.

But there are some other things that SEEM like instincts, but they are really the LEARNED kind of instincts.

The things that are NOT programmed into our DNA.

But were programmed into our BRAINS.

These are a different kind of instinct.

A third kind.

The kind that were programmed into our brains by ACCIDENT.

Nobody learns to tie their shoes by accident.

Nobody learns to drive a car, or play the guitar by accident.

These are examples of consciously chosen and practiced instincts.

The good kind.

The main reason we have such big brains.

To program in as many of these POSITIVE instincts as we can.

But what about the third kind?

The kind that slipped into our brains without our permission?

The kind that slipped in when we were very young?

This don't need to be "unlearned," rather, they need to be detached.

Which "instincts" are these?

The ones that makes us afraid in social situations.

Once upon a time, you were NOT afraid in social situations.

Then a bunch of ideas got put into your brain WITHOUT your permission.

Without your choosing.

The first two are under our control.

Either to manage them, since they live in our DNA.

Or to enhance them, which you do every time you practice something.

But the third kind?

They don't belong there.

So get rid of them.

And get BACK enjoying social situations like you used to.

Learn How:


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