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There's an idea from natural selection that explains the difference from survival selection and sexual selection.

Traits for survival selection are traits that let the animal with that trait to have a slight advantage over people without that trait.

Like a bird that can see worms better.

The bird that can see worms better will have kids who have a slightly better chance of living, and they'll have that same enhanced worm vision.

So that enhanced worm vision will SLOWLY spread through the population.

Maybe after a thousand generations or so.

If you have a forest with a couple thousand of those same birds, each generation will only have a couple more of those enhanced worm vision birds.

Sexual selection, on the other hand, spreads much quicker.

Imagine the same forest with the same birds.

Suppose one bird is a genetic mutant.

And his mutation is that his bird-song drives the ladies CRAZY.

So when they hear him sing, they can't wait to get some.

That means that ONE BIRD with the crazy lust inducing song will bang half of the lady birds.

Which means it won't be long, maybe a couple of generations, before ALL the birds have that same song.

Which means this genetic mutation, of a much sexier song, can mutate every five or six generations.

This is exactly what Darwin postulated when he visited the Galapagos.

His reason why the animals on those islands were much, much different than on the mainland.

This is actually a function of mathematics.

Chaos theory.

A system with interdependent variables.

One variable will change all the other variables.

And all those other changing variables will change all the other variables.

For things like weather, it happens before our eyes.

Clear skies, then you hear a tornado warning, and an hour later there are semi-trucks being flung around like toys.

You'll find these kinds of systems everywhere.

Systems described by interdependent multiple variables.

The WORST kind, however, are imaginary.

They exist in our brains.

You see a girl you want to talk to.

You look in her direction, and AS SOON AS you make eye contact, she turns away.

You IMAGINE she could read your mind.

Read your intention.

THAT'S why she broke off eye contact.

Then you look at somebody else, and they GLANCE away quickly.


Not only did she catch you looking, but so did everybody else!

You're a marked man!

Once you've got a couple of these ideas in your head, your confirmation bias kicks in and you're DOOMED!

Of course, this type of interdependent, confirmation bias hallucination is one of those "live by the sword, die by the sword" kind of things.

It STARTS as a hallucination.


An imaginary tornado of your mind.

So, why not just negate it?

With an opposite tornado?

One created by ACTION?

You walking over and saying, "hey?"

You'll find that reality is WAY better than hallucinations.

Just ask those birds who could change their song just a little bit, and they got laid like crazy.

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