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Hi George,
I just noticed that you have a number of subliminal programs available via your Vimeo site. It is indicated that some of the audios have 256 voices. Thus, the affirmations will not be consciously heard (or at least consciously understood).
I'm just curious as to the efficacy of these new subliminals (when compared with the hypnosis ones). Also, can you please elaborate on the overall differences....
Thanks so much and all the best....  

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These "new" subliminals are kind of like an experiment. Theoretically, the whole purpose of hypnosis is to bypass the conscious  mind, not force everything through.


For most people, four voices is enough to overwhelm the conscious  mind, as it's impossible to track everything consciously. But for a lot of folks, they still "need' to be able to hear what's being said. It's kind of a "conscious control" issue. Even when we're being hypnotized, we still need to "feel in control" even though that will impede progress.


Milton Erickson was so effective because he made it IMPOSSIBLE for clients to know what he was up to. He'd layer his techniques so deeply embedded in the stories, people would be cured, and not even know it for a few weeks.


It's kind of a paradox. If you force everything through your conscious mind (being able to hear what's being said) then it's not really hypnosis. But for some, they can't relax, and "not pay attention" unless they first hear what's being said. Kind of like people who look over the shoulder of a mechanic who's fixing their car and demand he explain everything as he's doing it.


But for the 256 voices, there's NO WAY you can hear what's being said, but at the same time, MUCH MORE information is being inputted into your subconscious. If one COULD simply "let go" and let them in,they would be MUCH MORE effective.


Kind of like filling a swimming pool with a fire hose compared to a squirt gun.


But some people can't "let go" unless they can hear what's being said.


Anyhow, I'll see what kind of results people get with those 256 voice subs, and see what happens.


BUT at the same time, since they are PURELY subconscious, people might get awesome results and not even know it, kind of like Erickson's patients.


Once they've been "cured" they STILL feel normal, and feel like nothing's changed.


A paradox in more ways than one.

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The new ones contain a LOT more voices (256 vs. 4). I've also been playing around with different background sounds. At this point they're still in the "experimental" stage, I'm just waiting to see what kind of results people are getting.


You can check them out here:




HI George

Are these videos available for download? I see a few I would very much like to download but I do not see an option for it on Vimeo.

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