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How To Destroy Social Anxiety


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Mark Twain famously said that 90% of his worst fears never came true.

This is pretty much the human condition.

This is why another smart guy said that most humans live lives of quiet desperation.

We all want stuff.

But we're all afraid to get stuff.

And nobody talks about this.

So we believe it's only US that feels this way.

So we're quiet and desperate.

On one hand, you could say this is simply the way it is.

To accept that if life is 51% good and 49% bad, that's the best you can do.

If good things happen, it's out of your control.

If bad things happen, it's out of your control.

But then you look out into the world and see other people getting what you want with seeming ease.

This makes it even worse.

This makes it very easy to shift from "life sucks" to "I suck."

I mean, that's the logical conclusion, right?

If life sucks for EVERYBODY, that's one thing.

That creates an "we're all in this together" kind of thing.

But if other people out there are clearly doing better than WE are, something else is going on.

Another common response to this is the life isn't fair.

The people that get the good stuff MUST be cheating.

This is KIND of comforting.

But it doesn't do SQUAT for actually helping you GET what you want.

What WILL help you get what you want?

Look inside your brain.

Well, don't actually cut away part of your skull and look inside.

We all WANT the same things.

Money, sex, love, a good job, a nice house.

And we all FEAR the same things.

Failing socially, becoming a social outcast, etc.

It's those FEARS that are keeping us out of the game.

When we were kids, we didn't have those fears.

When we wanted to get something, we got out there and got it.

So it's really a matter of UNDOING those fears that you WEREN'T born with.

So you can get back to your child like state of fearless social exploration.

Some false fears fix themselves.

Like if you touch a hot stove.

For a while, you'll think the stove is a monster.

But after a while, that fear will be overwritten by plenty of POSITIVE memories.

Delicious food, helping mom in the kitchen, etc.

The way to get rid of ALL social fears is similar.

To SLOWLY overwrite your old fears with positive experiences.

This is where people kind of mess things up.

They try this, but they try it WAY too fast.

That's like trying to run a marathon as a 300 lb couch potato.

NOT a good idea.

But when you slowly, carefully, and consistently, you NEVER have to feel any social fear.

And before you know it, your comfort zone will be HUGE.

And inside your comfort will be all those sexy people you want to mingle with.

Learn How:


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