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The Mysterious Fourth Quadrant


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Most things fall prey to the dismal science.

The dismal science being economics.

Why dismal?

Because economics forces us to confront the harsh truths of life.

That everything costs something.

That there is no free lunch.

For example, a common expression in business is that you can have it fast, you can have it cheap, and you can have it high quality.

But you can only pick two.

If it's fast AND high quality, it's going to be VERY EXPENSIVE.

It it's cheap and high quality, it's to take a LONG TIME.

But for some things, this only SEEMS to be true.

For things out there, in the world, economics rules.

For for inside our brains, how we think about things, it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

For example, consider the common trajectory of the normal human.

We are born with these wide open, spongy brains.

We are learning machines.

This description, "learning machines," is based on how much we ENJOY learning.

When we are very young, we absolutely CRAVE information.


So we are compelled to run around and explore things as much as possible.

As we grow older, this relentless craving for data gets hammered down.

That's why when we are adults, and we act "childish" we are told to "grow up."

But consider that there are two components to "childish" behavior.

Children are young and not quite responsible for their actions.

So they run around and play, and fill their brains with data.

But as we grow up, we learn from experience that some things invite negative responses from the world.

So by the time we are responsible adults, we are much less excited.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Sure, everybody else is this way, so it feels comfortable.

But so long as you can consciously differentiate between "good" excitement and "bad" excitement, you can have a LOT more fun.

Think about being a kid.

You had tons of excitement, but no money.

Anything that costs money, you had to ask the adults.

As an adult, it's the opposite.

You've got money, but very little excitement.

Think of this in terms of four quadrants.

No money, and no excitement.

This is a poor adult.

No money, and tons of excitement.

This is everybody as a child.

Money, but no excitement.

This is most adults.

But there is the fourth quadrant.

One few people know exist.

Money AND excitement.

Being an adult, capable of making money, saving money, spending money AND having the outgoing, socially fearless confidence of a child.

Here's the secret.

All the fears that were programmed into you were done so by adults who were RESPONSIBLE for you.

Not all the other adults you come across in your daily life.

Re-calibrate your mind, and live in the fourth quadrant.

When life is fun, and ALWAYS filled with playful opportunities.

Learn How:


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