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Whether you are religious or not, plenty of human wisdom can be found in religious texts.

This is a pretty common idea.

Of taking something that is true.

But if you attribute this "true" idea to some no name, nobody will believe it.

This is our ancient "authority" instinct at work.

If any thing comes from an unknown person, we won't pay any attention.

But if the same idea comes from a recognized authority figure, even a made up deity, we'll pay close attention.

For example, of the quotes from Jesus is about not playing the middle.

Take one side, or the other.

Don't play it safely down the middle.

The way He said it was something about not being hot nor cold, but being lukewarm.

And get spit out of His mouth.

This is a very common idea.

A very normal and rational idea.

Don't hem and haw in the middle.

Pick a side and stick to it.

Be one way or the other.

Of course, like many other ancient truisms, this is much, much more easily said than done.

Take any type of social behavior.

Or any kind of human communication.

We very much WANT to make a good impression.

That's one side.

But we also don't want to get rejected.

That's other side.

So we play it safely down the middle.

We behave or speak very carefully, so we don't get rejected.

But that very safe behavior makes it nearly impossible to get either.

We don't get rejected, since we're not really asking for anything.

But we don't make a good impression, since we're not behaving in any way that is memorable.

Even people that are blatantly offensive will at least be remembered.

And those types might even have a higher chance, all else equal of getting SOMETHING.

But if we stay safely in the middle?

No rejection, but not lasting impression either.

This is the classic "nice guy" behavior.

Nice guys are not really nice.

They are just too afraid to ask for what they want.

Then they get angry when people don't "reward" them for their niceness.

But guess what?

Unless you can break out of your nice shell, you'll keep getting the same results.

Not dangerous, but very boring and very safe.

How can you break out of the nice guy shell?

Realize the false beliefs that are keeping you trapped inside the nice guy comfort zone.

The thing you fear really doesn't exist.

Or it does, but only in your mind.

In reality, people are desperate for YOU (yes, YOU) to express your true self.

Nobody wants to be around safe and polite nice guys and gals.

People WANT to be around guys and gals who express their TRUE selves, and don't really care who accepts them or not.

The paradox is if you LIKE YOURSELF enough to not really care who rejects you or not, nearly everybody will accept you.

Learn How:


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