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Fiancé - Get Engaged!

Lovely Day Today

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Thanks George :-)


My Fiancé loves me, respects me, is there for me, wants me, desires me, craves me, adores me, appreciates me, is happy with me, makes me laugh, keeps me happy, loves me unconditionally, is deeply in love with me, is there for me, cherishes me,


My Fiancé can’t keep his hands off me, gives me powerful orgasms, gives me multiple orgasms, loves to satisfies me, enjoys pleasing me, loves my body loves my mind, looks forward to seeing me, can’t stay away from me, is desperate for you, longs for your attention, longs for my touch, is emotionally connected with me, loves my sense of humor,


My engagement ring is lovely,

My engagement ring is perfect, 

Mt engagement ring is beautiful,

I have my dream engagement ring,

I love my engagement ring,

People compliment my engagement ring,

Everywhere I go, people admire my engagement ring,


My love life is romantic

My love life is fun

My love life is passionate

My love life is orgasmic

My love life is exciting

My relationship is wonderful

My relationship is filled with passion

My life is filled with love,

My life is filled with joy.

My life is delightful

I am blissfully happy

I have everything I want

I have everything I desire

I am satisfied on every level

I love my life

I am living my dream life

I am greatly blessed

I am grateful 

I am thankful

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