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Bees, Flowers and Money


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Everything is made of energy.

Even particles, according to particle physics, are actually tightly packed energy waves.

We humans can be described as "energy pumps."

We need to consume at least 2000 calories per day.

We eat organic matter, and when we digest it, we get the energy from the chemical bonds.

We can be called "pumps" because we consume energy, and expend waste.

But our waste goes back into the Earth, and the cycle continues.

Bees and flowers have an overlapping, selfish relationship.

The bees think they are getting free nectar.

Free energy.

But the flowers think they are getting free help cross pollinating.

They evolved together, to help each other out.

They call this "co-evolution."

It's essentially how all animals became domesticated.

We didn't go out, capture animals and then train them.

The process of domestication takes plenty of generations.

We find the smartest, most docile, most human-liking animals among the entire herd.

Then each generation, we keep picking the smartest and most docile animals to breed.

This is kind of a human-driven co-evolution.

Other co-evolution happens between fruit trees and primates.

We primates evolve a sense of color, and a affinity for the sweet taste of the fruit.

Those fruit trees evolved sweet and colorful fruit around the seeds.

Pretty much the same relationship between bees and flowers.

The bees get the sweet stuff, and in turn they help the flowers reproduce.

Primates eat the sweet fruit, and poop out the seeds, and help the tree reproduce.

You'll find this kind of overlapping, co-evolved behavior among plenty of different species.

Mostly between insects and plants.

Since there a kajillion different kinds of each.

But this also happens between humans and humans.

Even among the same tribe.

The dudes all compete to see who can kill the biggest animal.

Their selfish reward is social validation.

The people giving the social validation are getting the benefit of all the calories from the slain beast.

Nobody thinks about this.

It just comes naturally.

An overlapping instinct that works perfectly to keep the tribe healthy.

This is EXACTLY what Adam Smith described in his book, "The Wealth Of Nations."

People don't work hard to produce stuff because they care about us.

Or because it's part of some goofy "social contract."

People work hard to make stuff because they want our money.

And we happily give them our money in exchange for the stuff.

Very much like ancient people "gave" social validation in exchange for plenty of delicious protein.

This "money-instinct" rests directly on top of this mutually selfish instinct.

The kind that exists between ALL KINDS of living creatures.

This means money is a natural part of a healthy society.

A natural part of life.

Embrace this ancient instinct, and get in the game.

Learn How:


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