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Dangerous Self Delusion Traps


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There are two basic ways to look at the world.

The way the world is.

Or the way we think the world should be.

It's very hard to have any kind of conversation without drifting back and forth.

It's kind of similar to how newspaper reporter can report "news" that is factual, but also, completely nonsensical.

For example, let's say you have a Harvard Professor who has gone off his meds.

He believes that invisible aliens are watching us all the time.

That he believes that is a fact.

So the news reporter, looking for the latest clickbait, interviews Professor Nutjob.

The entire article is about the aliens, and why they are here, and what their plans are for us.

To make this entire article "true" all they have to do is put ONE LINE in their about how this is a theory of a published Harvard professor.

Similarly, imagine two people are talking.

One person says, "There is a lot of litter."

The person listening looks around, and notices the litter.

They agree.

So far, this is a factual conversation.

Then the first person starts talking about what SHOULD happen.

Why people shouldn't litter.

Why only "bad people" litter.

Mixed in are some "true" if-then statements.

If people littered less, the streets would be cleaner.

That is a true, perfectly sound, logical statement.

We humans do this all the time.

Mix logic, opinion, observations about the way the world IS and shared ideas about the way the world SHOULD BE.

But, if you confuse the two, you'll run into trouble.

If you start to ONLY talk about the way the world SHOULD be, you will start to believe that's the way the world IS.

Which means you'll start to not see the worlds as it is, but a broken world.

A world that needs fixing.

This is VERY compelling.

Because if we live in a world that needs "fixing" it's almost always somebody ELSE who is supposed to do the fixing.

Sure, we might come up with the IDEA of what needs to be fixed.

But it's almost always somebody else's job to do the actual work.

This is perfectly normal when just having a regular, "complain about the world" conversation.

But when this becomes a STRATEGY, it becomes a problem.

Then you find yourself waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to fix what YOU think is a problem.

This is a very comfortable trap to find yourself in.

But it won't help you get laid, or paid.

What WILL help you get laid paid and ditch any ideas about the way you think the world SHOULD be.

And see the world for the way it really IS.

And get in the game, and get some.

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