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Non Zero Sum Money


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There are many ways to differentiate us human animals from the rest of the animals.

One is that animals all play the zero sum game.

Evolution is driven by natural selection.

Natural selection is accurately described as "survival of the fittest."

You've got a jungle that can support 100 monkeys.

Every generation, 120 monkeys are born.

Those that can hack it in monkey jungle get to survive.

Those that don't, well...

Sucks to be them.

This is a zero sum game.

For one monkey to get more bananas, another monkey has to get less bananas.

There's no magic banana tree that grows an infinite amount of bananas.

And monkey's aren't really known for their fairness and their ideas of democracy.

Whoever finds and gets the bananas gets to live.

Those who snooze, go extinct.

So, what makes us humans different?

What do we have that makes everything different?

The first major human, well pre-human, breakthrough came when we discovered fire.

Energy that we could use OUTSIDE of our bodies.

Like old school capitalists, we used this energy, outside of our body, to get MORE energy, outside of our body.

Use "wealth" to get more "wealth."


We used fire to hunt.

This required planning, strategizing, abstract thinking, and quarterback like communication.

You guys go up there and light the fire.

You guys go hide behind the bushes over there.

When the animals come by, running away from the fire, you guys bash them in the head.

Before fire, we had to use the energy INSIDE of our bodies.

Namely, chasing animals until we could catch them.

But once we figured out how to use energy OUTSIDE of our bodies?

Use energy (fire) to get energy (food).

This made our brains triple in size over a couple million years.

The next level was even better.

Plant a bunch of seeds in the ground, and wait around for them to grow.

Especially grain.

Why grain?

That was energy you could STORE.

Real wealth.

The very next invention, fast on the heels of stored grain was MONEY.

And with money came accounting.

And mathematics and writing and everything else.

But today, many people play the zero sum game with money.

They get some, we don't.

But the BEST way to get money is NON zero sum.

You make something that DIDN'T exist before.

And somebody gives you money for THAT.

A happy, voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange.

All that is GOOD in the world came from these NON zero sum exchanges.

Tune your mind to this idea, and get paid like crazy.

Get Started:


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