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There are plenty of ways to view the world.

There are plenty of ways to view ourselves with respect to the world.

It's easy to see oppression, lack, scarcity, anger, etc.

This is easy.

This is the default setting.

Why is this?

One reason is most of us today are stuck in the childhood mindset.

Way back in the day, before we invented large cities, but when we still had are same mind body systems, we had to hunt.

This meant getting our needs met was very difficult.

Very dangerous.

Everybody had to do their part.

And do so as soon as possible.

Any ancient tribes of people who had a bunch of slackers wouldn't last long.

Everybody was forced to grow up as quickly as possible.

Children receive from adults.

From a purely economic standpoint, they consume more than they produce.

But eventually they need to grow up.

And produce more than they consume.

In fact, whoever produced the MOST, in excess of what they consumed, had the most status.

The guys who consistently killed the biggest animals.

Since they couldn't eat a woolly mammoth on their own, they had to share.

They didn't share because they were nice guys.

Or that it was some goofy sounding "social contract."

The shared because of the social validation they got.

That mad respect and admiration from their tribal members.

This very basic, and ancient economic system motivated EVERYBODY, for their own selfish reasons, to be the MOST productive.

Those who were the most productive got the most rewards.

The aforementioned social status, validation and sex.

This was an INTERNAL driving force that motivated kids to WANT to grow up.

So they could get out there and GET SOME.

Today, it's like we're living in opposite land.

Where most of the world is still in the childhood mindset.

Of waiting for somebody else to GIVE THEM something.

This, of course is a problem.

It's also why every single society has eventually collapsed.

The reasons for this are WAY too complex to get into here.

But consider this idea.

That modern financial and economic trade is built ON TOP OF our ancient instinct.

We do great things, and we get great rewards.

In ancient times, this was killing big animals and getting mad social status and sex.

In modern times, this is providing REAL VALUE to REAL PEOPLE.

And do you get in exchange?


Happily given to YOU for your accomplishments.

Your achievements.

Your creations.

This instinct lives in EVERYBODY.

You,  the creator, and all your customers, the happy payers of money.

Wake up the your inner money maker, and get some.

Get Started:


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