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Pre-Industrial Money Creativity


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After the Industrial Revolution, the guys running things had a problem.

There were all kinds of factories being built.

People from the boonies were flocking to the cities.

Henry Ford was one of these guys.

Bored on the farm, he went to the city to find work.

This is essentially how all cities are built.

A couple of people start building and selling stuff to each other.

The more people there are, the more opportunities they are.

A historian drew an interesting parallel between this phenomenon and the formation of stars.

Once upon a time, there was only dust floating around the universe, after the big bang.

Pretty soon gravity started pulling these clouds of dust closer and closer.

This is how stars and solar systems were formed.

Civilizations are kind of built the same way.

You start off with a bunch of nomads out all wondering around.

Somebody settles down and stars growing stuff.

Others come in and set up other endeavors.

This creates a kind of "gravity" that pulls others closer and closer in.

Pretty soon you got a big city.

Eventually, these collapse, just like stars will eventually supernova.

This happened throughout history.

Until the Industrial Revolution.

Now they had WAY more people.

Way more endeavors.

This kind of presented a problem.

If you have a slow trickle of people, over a few hundred years, coming into a slowly growing city, that's OK.

The people find people who'll train them.

But the Industrial Revolution needed people trained FAR quicker and in FAR greater number than ever before.

This is when mass education was created.

One way to describe "schools" are as factories that produce factory workers.

Basic math, English, etc.

That is essentially what schools are today.

They teach you the very basics.

For the longest time, that was enough.

Go through the factor worker factory, and find your place.

Today, the world is changing VERY rapidly.

Those who don't notice, or who don't WANT to notice, will get left behind.

Today, you've to take control of your brain.

You've got to take control of your skills and your choices.

Nobody is going to do that for you.

Luckily, we all come pre-programmed with some basic skills.

See, this is how life was BEFORE the Industrial Revolution.

Like Henry Ford, when you decided to head off to the city, you had to make your own choices.

Make your own decisions.

Take responsibility for learning enough to make a living.

This is the way it has ALWAYS been.

Which means all you need to do is re-discover how.

Get Started:


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