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It's a common belief that money is evil, or bad.

Or perhaps not money itself, but the "love" of money.

Is this really true?

It all depends on how you GET money.

Suppose you owned a bread shop.

And you absolutely LOVED it when people came into your shop and paid you for some bread.

You loved that they were HAPPY when they bought some bread.

You loved that you were HAPPY when you received some cash.

You loved thinking about bread.

You loved creatively coming up with new recipes for bread.

And more than anything, you loved selling bread.

You loved your reputation in town for making the BEST bread ever.

And beneath all this was your LOVE of money.

You love money because it keeps your family safe.

You love money because it comes from happy customers.

You love money because it is your money making business that gets you respect.

When people you around town, they nod and say hi.

They like you.

They appreciate you.

They ENJOY paying you.

And sometimes you lay awake a night.

Dreaming about MORE money.

How you might pay for your kids' educations at the BEST schools.

How you might even move to a bigger house, in a better neighborhood.

How you might surprise your spouse with a car for their birthday.

And suppose you accepted that the ONLY WAY to get more money was to make BETTER bread.

Better bread that people would ENJOY more.

Better bread that would make you even MORE famous.

In this context, is the love of money, "evil?"

Absolutely not.

In this context, the LOVE of money drives you to better SERVE your fellow citizens.

In this context, your LOVE of money FORCES you to think about what your customers might want.

Because if you FIRST satisfy your customers, only THEN can you get more money.

And all the wonderful things money can buy.

Of course today, this situation is very, very rare.

We live in a very corrupt system.

Where many people who are rich got that way because they are ruthless, sociopathic, and play the ZERO SUM game.

They win, somebody else loses.

But in the bread scenario, it is NOT a zero sum game.

The more money YOU get, the better bread THEY get.

Once upon a time, we had nothing.

Dirt, rocks, and some animals we had to chase and kill.

But once we invented money, the type and amount of stuff EXPLODED.

And nearly all of it was just like the bread example.

People invented stuff so they could get paid.

Paid by happy people.

Since this type of HAPPY money exchanged has existed since the dawn of time, and in EVERY society, this MUST MEAN this is an instinct.

Awaken yours, and get paid.

Learn How:


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