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Self sabotage is very common.

Unfortunately, most self sabotage is specific.

We all have unique childhoods, and experiences with going after what we want.

You might have had a mean, red-headed teacher who always picked on you.

She may have said you were worthless.

That you didn't deserve to be happy.

So here you are, twenty years later, about to go on the job interview of your life.

But the lady who is interviewing you is another red-head.

And you need to convince her that you are worth the salary you are asking.

You get nervous, her red hair reminds you, subconsciously, of all the mean things your teacher said.

Part of you wants the job.

Part of you still feels you don't deserve the job.

This kind of self sabotage is VERY specific.

But the structure is very general.

You want something on one level.

But you don't feel worthy on another level.

The most common way this shows up is with money.

We find money on the street, it's fantastic.

But trying to convince somebody to give you money, in exchange for your services, is very, very difficult.

This is why people love things like "law of attraction" and other metaphysical ways to get money.

You think, believe, wish, chant, etc.

"The Universe" somehow hears you and delivers you some money.

No work needed on your part!

Unfortunately, this doesn't work.

Money has to come form somebody.

A person has to pay you.

Either that, or you've got to find it, inherit it, or steal it.

This is where self sabotage is the absolute strongest.

That's because negative money beliefs were formed when we were very, very young.

Before we even knew what money was.

This is validated by social proof.

All the other kids at elementary school.

All coming from the same type of money childhood.

Tons of wants, and few of them satisfied.

Even before you are old enough to get a job, you've got plenty of negative money beliefs.

At the same time, money is the absolute greatest thing ever invented.

Without money, we'd be reduced to barter.

This would significantly DECREASE the amount of economic activity.

Which is why most people a live of scarcity.

Near poverty.

All the money in the world, but inner limitations.

Limitations based on negative beliefs about money.

Until you get rid of those, you'll be stuck in the same trap everybody else is stuck in.

Waiting to find or be given money.

Screw that!

There are ALWAYS people figuring out ways to make a killing.

Get rid of negative money beliefs, and join them.

Learn How:


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