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Your Ancient Alpha Drive


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Most dudes have a very skewed idea of what it means to be "alpha."

One is because most guys get their idea of an alpha from internet forums.

And movies.

And the alpha type in the movies are created by Hollywood writers.

Consider this idea.

Most guys would readily admit that the romantic type ideas in the movies DO NOT WORK in real life.

In the movies, the guy chases the girl.

He shows her how willing he is to get her.

The most romantic scenes in the movies are when the guy expresses such deep love for the woman that he'll drop EVERYTHING to be with her.

But if you've ever tried this in real life, you know it's the OPPOSITE Of what works.

Similarly, the types of alpha type behavior shown in movies is just as wrong.

Of being the lone wolf, scowling bad boy type.

What IS a "real" alpha?

We only need to look at the environment in which we were calibrated.

How our instincts were created.

You've no doubt FELT the drive to BECOME an alpha.

But since we live in a very, very different world that we evolved in, that ancient alpha drive was almost certainly expressed in correctly.

Like our hunger.

Back in the day, eating whatever tasted good, and as much as we could was FANTASTIC.

Today, that same behavior will kill us.

Back in the day, we all CRAVED social approval and validation.

But the ONLY way to get social approval and validation was to provide REAL VALUE to our tribal members.

Namely, killing something to EAT.

Value = something they need to NOT DIE.

Today, that same drive is expressed horribly.

We provide utterly USELESS value to others and in exchange get utterly USELESS social validation.

Most famous people are famous BECAUSE they provide tons of USELESS value.

Social media influencers, famous youtube people, even movie stars.


Ancient validation was in exchange for REAL value.

Real energy.

Real protection.

Now, who was the ALPHA?

The guy who provided the MOST real value.

The most consistent real value.

Not being the bad boy in the bar.

Not wearing expensive bling or a scowl.

You feel this deep drive.

Whenever you see a pretty lady, and you feel a deep urge to do something MAGNIFICENT to impress her, that is the ancient alpha drive.

But if you use that ancient alpha drive to scowl, or write epic posts online, or create rants on youtube, that won't impress ANYBODY except other "wanna be alphas."

To become a real alpha, you must follow your alpha instincts.

And provide real value.

Create real accomplishments.

And get REAL rewards.

Love, sex, romance, and everything else.

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