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If you are a fan of science fiction, you'll eventually run into the idea of a silicon based life form.

The reason for silicon is it's kind of related to carbon.

Now, why does life on Earth, and according to scientists, life in the rest of the universe made up of carbon?

Not just carbon, but carbon, hydrogen and oxygen?

Those three atoms have TONS of different ways they can link up together.

Carbon has four valence electrons.

What does that mean?

That carbon can hook up with each one of those valence electrons.

Hydrogen has one.

Oxygen has six valence electrons.

Carbon has four different connectors.

Oxygen has six.

Hydrogen has one.

This means the various combinations are IMMENSE between these three atoms.

All the food we eat, where we get our energy from, is stored in these various carbon-hydrogen-oxygen connectors.

We eat the food, be it plant or animal, and our bodies break apart those bonds and that's where we get our energy from.

On it's most basic level, life is all about connections.

The more connections, the more complex, the better.

This is true on a very basic, organic chemistry level.

This is true on a large, human society level.

The more connections you've got, the better.

Now consider this experiment.

You've got one lonely carbon atom, bouncing around by itself.

Will it connect with anybody?


Nobody to connect to.

Now fill up that same chamber with BILLIONS of other carbon and oxygen and hydrogen atoms, and what happens?

This is how they believe life happened in the first place.

A whole bunch of atoms and basic molecules bouncing around.

The sheer number of atoms and molecules were so HUGE something was BOUND to happen.

What about human connections?

If you sit around in your house and wait, they are very unlikely.

The only people you'll connect with are Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses.

But if you want to make REAL connections, you gotta get out and around people.

Not to go through a bunch of cold approaches, or collect numbers.

Just get out there and bounce around.

That's EXACTLY what they mean when they say, "put yourself out there."

This is the cool paradox about human connections.

It really is possible to simply "be yourself" and find plenty of connections.

All those atoms and molecules that were bouncing around were being themselves.

They eventually smashed into each other enough times and created life.

Life became more complex.

Cut out the long boring middle part, and today there is YOU.

Reading this very sentence.

Within the same set of rules.

The more you "put yourself out there" the more connections will organically happen.

What kind of connections?

Friends, lovers and everybody in between.

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